Fun Tuesday

As usual, I’m not even fashionably late, I’m so late I’ve almost missed the train.

However, my Fun Monday (now Tuesday) post is dedicated to Pamela from The Dust Will Wait. For this week’s Fun Monday, she encouraged us to take photos of what we would see on any given morning this week; she wanted us to post a photo of our neighbourhood that would make her want to book a weekend at a B&B in my town.

Well, Pamela, sounds like a challenge. Especially as there are no B&Bs in Kyiv. But, without further ado, here’s a run down of the things I like about Kyiv (and Ukraine in general), and I think you might too:

I like the groovy churches.

I like the grand architecture.

I like the beauty of the gardens.

And I like visiting Pirogovo.

So there you go. Potentially my crappest Fun Monday post ever! Have a good day.


16 thoughts on “Fun Tuesday

  1. Dear pamela. Yep. They are. I told you I was being totally lazy. But let’s just pretend they’re all Ukraine… will that convince you to go to the travel agent and book a holiday?!

    Dear theotherbear. Thanks! I think I’m getting a bit to obsessed with the flowers, but it’s lotsa fun…

  2. It may not have made the cut for a Fun Monday but it’s a hell of a Fun Tuesday! Great pics! Those churches are almost cartoon-like!

  3. Happy Fun Tuesday, This is not a crappy post, Little Miss Moi. You have have shown us some very nice Ukrainian sites. I love the groovy churches too.

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