New wheels?

Everyone has been showing off their wheels (feet) this week, so I thought I’d share mine – for better or for worse.

Part of my recent long absence can be attributed to the fact that I spent three weeks out of Ukraine. I visited Blighty, otherwise known as the United Kingdom (but to me, just the home of the poms).

And for seven days, Mr Moi and I did something we never thought we’d do – we were active all day, every day. We walked the West Highland Way.

The West Highland Was is a 152 km track through the Scottish Highlands, starting in the outskirts of Glasgow, and winding all the way up to Fort William.

Walking the Way, we averaged about 14 miles per day – sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. The weather was mostly fabbo, and because we paid for a tour, we had a leader, three square meals, and a bus to pick us up and take us to and from accommodation.

The downside of the trip was the demise of three of my toenails. As you can see in this photo, one of my nails is a nice shade of purple. Yes, it’s gross.

I can’t describe to you the pain I felt during the walk – my muscles screaming at me to sit down for a day, my toenail protesting at my stupidity in not breaking in my shoes sufficiently beforehand. For days three through to six, I was in such pain that Mr Moi had to lower me onto the grass so I could eat my lunch, and pull me up to a standing position afterwards.

But it was lots of fun, and I would do a walking holiday again. This route was a good one – some days were hill climbs, other days undulating, and there was a day, by the shore of Loch Lomond, which was almost scrambling for the most of the day. But all the days were long.

And while we’re on the topic of new wheels, do you like my 20 quid blue sandals? They’re very pretty, and unlike my old red ones, they’re not falling apart… so hopefully I can avoid sticky situations like this in the future.

If you’re keen to see what the West Highland Way looks like, you can look at my Flickr page.

And Mr Moi and I booked our tour with C-N-Do Scotland, who were really good. (I didn’t lose any weight on the trip because of the fantastic food they cooked for dinner and provided for brekky and lunch!)


21 thoughts on “New wheels?

  1. Hang on! When I hit publish I got another version of the post. Without the quote I just included!

    I don’t need you to make me look stupid, I’m quite capable thank you.

  2. Dear willowtree. Yeah me too. I have to get this flickr thing down, as it’s a big of a faffy exercise. For starters, I hate the way this template does the post spacing, so I always do quite a bit of editing to create extra lines between paras before I publish. And I can’t iron that out on this post! Grrr.

    But I have to come up with a contingency, because the amount of MBs I can store in my account on WordPress is finite, and a very low number (50MB I think?)

    So just bear with me…

  3. Sounds like a fantastic vacation! Quite jealous, in fact! My little guy only permits me about 30 minutes of walking a day. I’ll bet it was fab!!!

  4. I was here earlier today to comment and then “ZZZCH” – lost all power just as I was typing. So, I can’t remember EXACTLY what i was going to say…..but, I bet the walk was beautiful. I’ve always wanted to go to Scotland. All the pictures are gorgeous.

  5. Little Miss Moi,
    Hello, I am glad that you are well (other than the injured toes) and have been off having fun with your walking trek in Scotland. My sister and niece are presently in Scotland for a holiday. Maybe someday I will make it to Scotland.

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