hmm, interesna

I just visited the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (state run media in Australia) website, planning to look for the latest news about the elections that took place in Ukraine over the past weekend.

(To celebrate the elections in Ukraine on Sunday, Mr Moi and I headed to the village with our friends, and went mushrooming! Mmm Mmm.)

And lo and behold, instead I find this article about Russia threatening to cut the gas supply to Ukraine this winter.

Oh no! I don’t want to be cold this winter. With the cold weather closing in (although, the past few days have resembled an indian summer (does anyone know if that term is politically incorrect? We don’t tend to use it in Australia so I don’t know what indian origins it has)), I don’t want to have no gas to cook yummy stews and soups this winter. Or heat my apartment, for that matter.

Scrolling down the search results past the gas, I found that the President of Ukraine is ordering a probe into the vote count, because there has been no outright winner so far. Both Yanukovych, the current PM, and the Yulia Bloc / Nasha Ukraina coalition have declared victory.

Now, if I do my sums very roughly, in the past two years or so, the country has pretty much been without a government for eight months out of 24. And yet, things get done. For example (and I’m guessing these are City Council initiatives, rather than government?):

  • My road recently got re-paved. Heartbreakingly, when they pulled up the bitumen, there were cobblestones beneath, and they just covered them up again. But the new road looks nice
  • Mine isn’t the only road to get done. A few of the big highways around town have been redone, and other streets around the place, including near MegaMarket
  • Footpaths were also done, partly in bitumen, and also in paving. Looks nice
  • New traffic lights are getting installed around popular intersections. They’re quite nifty, and show how many seconds left before the light switches over to Gary the green walking man, and back to Roy the red standing man.

15 thoughts on “hmm, interesna

  1. Dear mind the gap. For some reason, I am not so badly afflicted with these electricity outages. hmmm. You should move.

  2. Dear beccy. Yes, even if I have a boring post, WT will make people laff when they come here. As he does with all our blogs. And I love Gary and Rob. Am I the only person to have named them?!

    Dear Sally. Thanks! I was just being a lazy git over the summer, too much sun, it would seem!

    Dear chrisb. Really, you ought not encourage him! heheh kidding WT.. And yes, the mushies were amazing! Never seen a pink one..

  3. Gary and Roy – nice names. And how can you tell which mushrooms are edible? Because, since I am clueless about that type of thing, I’d eat the wrong one and die. (which might actually be good if you don’t have any heat this coming winter)

  4. Hi, are you sure they were cobble stone and not cubes of granite, I think a lot of roads, particularly around London have these cobbles (granite blocks) underneath. Actually I find it quite funny that they haven’t covered the the blocks around the Opera building, and… last point, ice and cobbles, (I lied, really the last point), the cobbles are really noisy if on the road, try sitting outside Cosmopolite and trying to have a conversation.

  5. Dear uncle mark. Yes, contrary to my typo, they are gary and roy (not rob). I named them that whilst at uni. Perhaps in a beer induced haze, but thought of them as thus ever since. So wherever I travel, gary and roy are usually there too.

    Dear melissa. Well, they were only uncovered for less than 24 hours. I just never knew they were there before, but I live in the centre, and I guess most of the streets of Kyiv were cobblestoned in the old days.

    Dear karmyn. Well, Lena, my friend, had her father come along with us to tell us. But apparently in the forest here, none of the mushrooms with the gilled undersides are edible, only the ones with spongy holes… ?? I don’t know. We never pick that devil’s spawn in Australia..

    Dear sorrytointrude. Yes, they defo were smooth cobble streets. However, I hate walking and driving down cobble streets (gorodestkovo, chervonaarmiskaya etc) as they are too loud. Le Cosmopolite? Only visit there in the winter, and if there’s ice outside, there isn’t a summer terrace on the street, let’s just say that! It’s the quaintness factor I’m in love with..

  6. A Ukrainian rule of thumb for mushroom picking.

    Pick only those which are a caramel brown outside with a slightly darker colouration on top. Second, ensure that there is a “membrane” similar to the one found on white grocery store mushrooms underneath. Third, ensure that when you pick them and slice them that the inner flesh remains white once sliced.

    Finally, go with someone who knows the local area and varieties. Otherwise stick to store bought.


  7. Glad to see you back here!

    Just jealous to here you actually enjoyed a summer! Seems we have gone without one this year in the low lands.

    And as for governments, we’ve been without one for quite some months as well. Had elections last year November (which means no big decisions were taken from July 2006 on) got a new government in January that decided to first take some months to “talk to the people in the street”. (No kidding, they really travelled through the country with abus), then there were summer holidays and now their plans were presented a week ago.

    And yes, things keep happening anyway. Politicians may be absent for some time, but eh civil servants keep working. 🙂

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