Absent, and an absence of absences

This post was originally posted at enidd’s blog

Hello, my name is Little Miss Moi and I am a blum of enidd’s from waaay back*. I am knee-stoopingly honoured to be the first guest-blogger on enidd’s blog while she’s on holidays.

I will use this time to reflect on a rather worrying problem I have. I have been absent from the blogging world for far too long. I have lost the ability… to blog**.

This problem turned over in my mind often throughout the glorious Molvanian summer. As I sat in the mottled sunshine in the cool park, basking in the 30-degree weather, sipping on my Molvanian fizz, I postulated with my plethora*** of friends about my inability to blog effectively. Too much fizz? Too much heat? Too much time spent in Molvania, so I’d reached some weird next dimension where Movanian behaviour is regarded as perfectly normal?

Yes, I will agree that summer in Molvania is lots of fun. It’s hard to be bothered by spitting in the streets, black leather jackets, pushy devushkas, killer traffic and grumpy babas when everyday is a haze of sun, fun and mojitos. And when you start to meet real friends, precious blogging time is replaced by transport time to and from rendezvous points.

But I’ve finally pinpointed the source of my blogging drought to a momentous date in the world of enidd. I stopped blogging, proper-like, when enidd moved away. She left a hole in my social life; she deprived me of shashlyk, and I just don’t get the same adrenalin rush when other dogs bark at me as I did when Stalin did.

So, here’s to absences:
To enidd’s holiday absence – have lots of fun, and come back soon. You don’t want me to do a second post.

To absence from Molvania – somewhere out there, I’m sure there’s someone who misses something about the place.

To absence from the blog world – now that I’ve blamed enidd, perhaps my creative juices will start flowing****.

So, all you SF-bloggers who now get to enjoy REAL fizz with enidd and the man, think of two lonely bloggers – myself, and your next guest-blogger, Mind the Gap – who are forced to find a hill (or a Taras Shevchenko statue) once a week and crack a bottle of bubbly in honour of our absent friend.

* Well, from the start of this year. enidd won me over with her knowledge of Molvanian fizz.
** Creatively, anyway.
*** Two.
**** More likely, I’ll get depressed and cynical in winter, and blog again.


15 thoughts on “Absent, and an absence of absences

  1. Dear gorilla bananas. Well, I did go mushrooming in a village on the weekend. Future post!

    Dear willowtree. Wasn’t ignoring, just crap at checking that email address… I was on holidays, sorry! boo hoo.

    Dear dima. I hope the winter freezes your libido a bit. Anyhoo, I’ve decided that if I do become an adulterer, I know a nice boy called zhenya…

  2. Hurrah! A day without LMM blogging is like a day without all my other fabulous and creative friends not blogging.

    I am glad that you are back. I have been similarly less than inspired, but decided to publish crap. In retrospect, quality probably is better.
    I am glad, however, that I won’t see crispy Beijing toilets everytime I check your site!


  3. Now I am sad that the light that Enidd and the man have brought into my own life has in turn shed darkness on the life of someone else.

    Why don’t you all join us in CA? It would be much easier for me than sending her back to Molvania.

  4. I said this on Enidd’s blog -so I’ll have to say it again…..We miss you – and hearing about the craziness of life in Molvania. Good to read you again.

  5. Dear uncle mark. You seem to have found the blogging feeling again. Perhaps you can do a series on getting the mojo back.

    Dear chrisb. Thanks for keeping your faith. Hopefully I won’t let you down. We’ve already had two days of cloudy weather and I can feel my vitamin D sinking, and my cynicysm returning.

    Dear pumpernickel. Ahh thanks! You make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

    Dear melissa. I think some virtual drinks are in order! If I could, I’d email you a mojito!

    Dear sam. Ahh don’t tease. We’d love to move to SF… boo hoo.

    Dear karmyn. Well, hopefully a lot of crazy fall and winter antics coming up! I’ve got to readjust my blogging thinking cap.

    Dear pamela. Cool! I’m in… though it’s a toughy. Convince you to book into the local BnB? They don’t have them in Kyiv!

  6. Dear beckie. Ah, easy to miss! I’m not that noticeable. Or interesting, at the moment… wait til the cynical winter!

    Dear claudia. Thanks! hopefully I’ll have something interesting to say one of these days!

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