The mystery revealed

So you want to know what was clip clopping up the street?

Click here to find out.

Okay, so it wasn’t those specimens in particular, but it was of the same species.

Total dyevushka. Now, while you’re looking at the photo, take some time to check out my friend Olechko’s Dyevushka Project photos – she’s on a mission to photograph the good, the bad and the ugly of the dyevushka ilk in Kyiv. Remember to leave some comments, because I want to encourage her to keep doing it.

So that made quite an interesting post. I really believed that I’d get five comments from bored readers saying something along the lines of, ‘Yawn, LMM, we’ve been there before, it’s a bloody wee dyevushka, orright? Get over it already, eh.’ (I think comment sufficiently covered Aussie, Kiwi, Pom, Scottish, American and Canadian English. I prize* for the first person who tells me which words are which (cause I’m not 100 per cent sure myself).

But, gosh your comments made me laugh.

And dredged up some memories. The other bear’s comment reminded me of the time I was walking to a friend’s place in the middle of winter. It was about 6pm, snowing, and pitch black. We were on a back street when all of a sudden I hear this muffled clatter come out of nowhere. I turned around, and there’s a full grown man on a tiny Shetland pony – cantering. We jumped out of the way just in time for him to gallop past and turn into a courtyard up ahead.

I pity any little pony that has to live in Kyiv – it’s not as nice as living in a big field now, is it?

Props to beccy, Karmyn, Oh the joys, and Uncle Mark. You of course didn’t get it right, but I LOVE MONTY PYTHON so you’ve won your way into my heart.

Oleckho and Mind the Gap were disqualified because they live here. They know what the bird watching is like.

That’s about it. I’m going to post this post, and then get out of bed. Have a great day everyone.

Coming up later this week:

Remember the tofu incident? This week, it draws to a chilling conclusion.

And I got tagged by Holler, so keep your eyes peeled for the MeMe.

* I can’t promise that I’ll send it and if I do, I can’t promise that it’ll get there.


21 thoughts on “The mystery revealed

  1. okay – my calf muscles are aching just looking at those pictures – geez those girls wear the highest shoes. What keeps them from tripping? Why do they wear them? Do they wear them in winter and in the muddy grass? – because I’ve worn high heels and they sink in wet grass.

  2. Ouch, I’ve been told my lump on my knee could be caused by wearing flat shoes all the time…I think I’ll stick to the flatties.

  3. I’m just catching up after my holiday- and having a good laugh -those shoes In my youth we were led to believe red shoes and red light went togehter !!

  4. Heyyyy – I texted you. My texts have a habit of disappearing, though (damn Life, Kyivstar is more expensive, but more reliable, or so I’ve realized). So let me know what you’re up to.

  5. I would have thought a pony or run away cow.just for a guess.those shoes are weird.she will have a lot of problems later in life if she wears those feet and leg killers for long.wonder what kind of a job she has????
    God bless..

  6. I love red shoes, but I don’t love those red shoes. I think that you have embedded a contest here, and there are no takers?

    Yawn, LMM, we’ve been there before, it’s a bloody wee dyevushka, orright? Get over it already, eh

    Here is my guess.

    Yawn – American
    we’ve been there before – Canadian English
    wee- Scottish
    oorright- Aussie
    Get over it already, eh -Kiwi
    bloody – Pom

  7. Dear LMM, Hmmm, I’ve got to read backwards b/c I have no idea what this is about. But, shoot, I missed a contest and I hate missing contests!

    Why haven’t you written anything lately? Is everything okay?

  8. So. You’ve been kidnapped by those clip-clopping dyevushkas? And are languishing in a dank cellar, somewhere in Kyiv? And are waiting for us to come and rescue you? Be right there…..

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