Which animal goes ‘clip, clop, clip, clop’?

About five minutes ago, as I was basking in the morning mugginess of my muggy apartment, I noticed a noise floating up through the open balcony door.

‘Clip, clop, clip, clop,’ went the noise.

After my weekend close encounter with a horsey – in the countryside – I was rather excited to hear one coming up the rather busy main road that I live on, in the middle of the city.

So excited, in fact, that I tore myself away from the table and started to make my way to the door.

I was halfway there when I realised… Of course it’s not a horse. What was I thinking? Firstly, a horse just couldn’t come up my street, unless it wanted to be turned into car-manufactured dog food, quick smart.

At the same time I that this thought, I remembered that horses aren’t the only animals that go ‘clip, clop, clip, clop.’

Can anyone guess what was walking up my street?


28 thoughts on “Which animal goes ‘clip, clop, clip, clop’?

  1. Hmm. If it was not a horse then it’s unlikely to be a donkey, or that too would be headed in the same direction the horse would be. How about a miniature pony? I saw a photo of one of those the other day. Although it was wearing sneakers (??) so maybe it wouldn’t make that noise.
    You do hint it is an animal. The only other one I could guess would be a human in cloppy shoes. I have some that make that noise, but trust me, it was not me.
    I give up!

  2. I can’t even begin to imagine, but I have tagged you to do a meme, about your day, so maybe you could do that and we would find out that way! Hope you don’t mind being tagged!

  3. As mentioned above, the question was intriguing, but what really made this posts was the comments— hilarious!!
    What is the translation of devuska exactly?

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