Blogger, what are you doing to me?

I’m a pretty lazy computer owner. I rarely clean out the cookies and the internet cache and all that guff. I never de-frag or clean the harddisk. I just switch the computer on, have my way with it, and turn it off again 🙂

And you’ll remember my computer had an unscheduled and rather dramatic trip to the repairman. I’m not sure the this issue is related to that visit (actually, I’m pretty sure it isn’t), but here it is (the problem that is).

Well, they say a picture paints a thousand words, so I’ll give you a picture.


That’s right – Blogger has gone Ukrainian on me! Not even Russian – Ukrainian!

Let me just iterate – Blogger doesn’t have a clearly visible default language setting. I haven’t changed anything. And the chances of me being able to navigate Ukra-Blogger to change the lingo settings, should they exist, are low.

So in the meantime, if you have a Blogger blog and my comments are a little erratic, it’s because I forgot whether the blue button or the orange one is the one that posts the comments.

I just thank the lucky stars I moved from my Blogger blog, cause I wouldn’t be able to understand a thing. (PS In case you’re wondering, Google also defaults to Ukra-Google. Thanks Google! You rock NOT).


13 thoughts on “Blogger, what are you doing to me?

  1. That’s plain wierd – mine started doing that in the last two weeks and I figured out how to change it but it involved randomly pressing buttons so I have no idea what I did to fix it. That was helpful wasn’t it?

  2. Google CrapCleaner (it’s free) — it cleans all the smut (cookies, cache, etc) for your in one easy click. I run it just before I shut down every day. Haven’t had any problems since using it (about 2.5 yrs now).

  3. Dear melissa. I know. And I don’t know what do to with cookies except eat them.

    Dear willowtree. это правда.

    Dear olechko. They’re always watching, aren’t they?

    Dear karmyn. hahah I used to laugh about this at work. It’s the shizzle.

    Dear beccy. He did – he said “That’s strange”.

    Dear mind the gap. YOu have no idea how helpful that was. Thank you so much.

    Dear tiger lamb girl – thanks. I’ll have to download it.

    Dear vykorn. Thanks – that worked! I now have english blogger back everyone.

    Dear headless chicken. I think that’s more than I do – I’m not so up with the internet shopping (ok I am, but I just don’t do it).

    Dear molly. Ohh eerr that sounds special – I want a degree in random button pushing! Hehehe.

    Dear Pamela. Ohh.. I think it would be interesting to see the dust waiting in Hindi.

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