I’ve been tagged

Sam at Chattering On tagged me to do the following MeMe that’s been doing the rounds. Hopefully I won’t lose interest by the end of the MeMe because it’s a long one that involves something about maths (there’s some preamble about three sqaured and three cubed and by golly, I’m confused already. I’m just not a maths person!)

So here we go.

Objects within one metre of moi…

1. My computer and mouse. The computer is on my lap, contributing to some rather sexy permanent varicose veins there. I’m discovering that veins like heat. Luckily, since being fixed, the computer isn’t as hot now. The mouse is on the couch next to me, on its mouse-pad – which is actually a mini Australia coffee table picture book

2. Two beer glasses from last night when Mr Moi and I watched a movie and enjoyed a pivo at the same time

3. The brand new big dining table that the landlords delivered at the same time they delivered the air conditioner and the bookshelf. Nice landlords!

First names of three people I sat next to at school

1. Louisa. We were inseparable in high school. Now she’s a teacher, I hope her kids don’t chat as much as we did

2. Joshua. I sat next to him in grade 4 and he constantly sang the jingle from the Nescafe as, which drove me nuts. I dobbed on him once, but the teacher said he was within his rights to sing if he wanted to

3. Bridget. She was the smartest girl in our class, and when I sat next to her in grade three, we got very competitive. For a while, I was number two (not because I cheated, but because I’m lazy and need motivation. This was good motivation).

Programmes I wont watch

1. A Current Affair / Today Tonight

2. A Current Affiar / Today Tonight

3. Today.

Favourite Trivial Pursuit categories

1. Geography

2. History

3. Entertainment

Superpowers I’d like to have

1. Flying – so I could go back to Australia whenever I wanted, never minding the $2500 airfare

2. Photographic memory – so I can just read or see something and remember it forever

3. Endless energy – cause then I’d probably do some of the stuff that I’m usually too lazy to do.

Newspapers, magazines or periodicals I read regularly

1. Delicious – Australian food magazine that Nat arranged to be delivered to me here. Thanks Nat!

2. smh.com.au – I like to keep in touch with what’s happening in Sydney. I just wish they’d update their content a bit more – but Fairfax is having lots of staff issues. PAY THEM MORE, FAIRFAX!

3. news.com.au – Well, News Ltd dominates newspapers in Australia and while I hate their right wing views, I have no alternative when I have a daily news habit that needs to be fed!

Songs you dislike

I’m not much for disliking songs per se, so I’ll write down the genres I don’t like…

1. Australian hip hop. Triple J started playing a lot of Aussie Hip Hop in recent years and I’m sorry, but it just sounds shit. Really, hip hop has an American accent, not an Australian one

2. ‘Classic Rock’. No, I’m not talking about cool 50s stuff here, I’m referring to pretty much anything Triple M plays. I hate Triple M (but I do like some of the songs they play. I just hate those boozy pub ballads)

3. Thrash metal. I can dig some heavy metal, but thrash just loses me altogether.

Blog posts of your own that you’d recommend

This is a bit self-gratifying. I’m totally into it! Hmm… Not sure which blog posts I’d recommend though, they’re all pretty mediocre.

So I’m leaving it to you guys. Please tell me which of my blog posts have lighted your life and made you swoon?

(You don’t have to find it, you can just say “the time you said blah di blah”..)

Thanks for reading!

I won’t tag anyone except Enidd, because I want to know what her new house looks like and what goodies she’s been buying from Real Shops.


15 thoughts on “I’ve been tagged

  1. We’ve got a lot of things in common, except the laptop. And the girls you went to school with. And the beer glasses. And that d Delicious magazine. Ok, Ok, we’re nothing alike, but I do hate Aussie hip hop/rap, why is it that only semi educated Lebs do it. It should be called bogan rap. And I hate the Current Affairs programs on the commercial channels too.

    But we definitely part ways on Classic Rock, it rocks! But that may just be because I’m a fossil.

  2. At the risk of sounding like a strange stalker who is obsessed with you…I like all your blog posts! You write in a way that makes everything sound funny and interesting. Plus all the people who leave comments have cool names.

  3. Loved the MeMe and the way you write. I can hear the accent loud and clear. All your posts are enlightening. I also wish I had the super-power to fly. I would fly to Australia, too. That would be the first place I would go. This MeMe would have me in a quandry…metrics and memory. AARRGGH! I can’t remember who I sat next to at dinner last night.

  4. enidd has to say that one of her favourite posts was the one where you ended up in the tofu. not that she has it in for you, of course – you just wrote it so coffee-snortingly.

  5. oh, and she doesn’t see how that meme will get you pictures of her house & whole foods! just her mouse and keyboard, and they’re pretty similar to everyone else’s!

  6. I liked the post where you talked about…was it knee socks? Or regular socks? I can’t remember, but it was enjoyable. Helpful, right? 😉

  7. I like all your posts – but really liked the one where you “accidentally” locked your husband and friend on the patio. (I’m still snickering)

    and I agree – I don’t care if they have an American accent or not – hiphop/rap crap stinks.

  8. There’s such thing as Australian Hip Hop?? That just sounds wrong…

    I loved the post where you wrote poems for everyone….haiku? Was that mixed in with the knee socks? I’m remembering it all together.

    My superpowers would be flying, invisibility…and I like your idea of a photographic memory…I can’t even remember what I wore yesterday…:/

    Glad your lappy’s not running so hot…I never thought about the impact on veins…so now I’ve got something new to worry about! 😉

  9. what fun to read everyone’s super powers. currently i believe that one of my super powers is parking karma because i’m apt to find good parking spots whereever i go. the other is that my car whose name is delores, moves through other cars/objects when necessary without leaving a scratch. pretty fabulous, eh? happy day!

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