Public holidays mean less traffic

But I’m not sure if it works out better for pedestrians. It seems that, with fewer cars on the road, the cars that are ON the road decide to go a lot faster.

In the 2 hours I was out and about today, I saw two ‘almost’ accidents and almost got run over once.

Happy Constitution Day.

Update: The traffic really has been so bad, I’m not overreacting. Here’s Olechko’s version of traffic snarls in Kyiv – and she was caught in the car so long, she only graced us with her presence for an hour before she had to go 😦


13 thoughts on “Public holidays mean less traffic

  1. Public holidays always result in more accidents here, it’s so bad that they put out special adverts around the bank holidays warning people to drive safely and not drink and drive etc.

  2. You would think that Holidays would mean people felt more relaxed and thus would drive slower. But obviously – not.

    Glad you didn’t get run over!

  3. Dear melissa. Thanks, me too. I did use it as an excuse to have a margarita or three last night, though!

    Dear headless chicken. I’m sure you’re right. People in Kyiv are ALWAYS in a rush though – what’s so important? I can’t figure it out.

    Dear give it a try. Yes, what a momentous day! (Actually, everyone had flags out over their doors. And this made me realise there are flag brackets over every single door. Pretty cool).

    Dear claudia. Yes, I was keen on getting into the great outdoors (the Dneiper, which runs through Kyiv, has very naturally sandy beaches). But Mr Moi had his first day off work in about a month (including weekends and public holidays) and he didn’t have the energy to move. Hence why I was on the street – going to the supermarket.

    Dear beccy. Actually, Australia is very macabre when it comes to public holidays – all of the news networks run details of the ‘Easter Long Weekend Road Toll’ or the ‘Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Road Toll’ – toll being the cost of the holiday in terms of human life. They always compare it to the year before. All of the states now will take double of the amount of points from your licence is you get a traffic infrignement on a public holidays. But that’s highway driving, not driving in the city!

    Dear Karmyn. No, obviously not! Perhaps they were doing all their errands so then they could get home and have a vodka.

    Dear tiger lamb girl. They sure do – nothing’s as bad as when the hedonist in people kicks in!

    Dear enidd. As far as I could tell when I walked to Furschet, they didn’t even CLOSE Kreshchatyk. All the shops were still open, lots of people walking around in biz suits… so it wasn’t too important a public holiday, me thinks…

    Dear olechko. You’re right! And I didn’t even realise you’d written a crazy Kyiv traffic post. I’ll link it.

    Dear pamela. I thought I might buy a high visibility vest, like construction workers use, but they don’t even use them on construction sites here, let alone as pedestrians.

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