Fun Monday: Show us your shelves

Sorry – it’s Fun Tuesday for me!

Swampy his hosting this week’s Fun Monday, so visit her blog and see who the lucky participants are.

This week Swampy said:

Plato said, “I can learn more about a person from an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”

Someone else said, “I can learn a lot about a person by just looking at their bookshelves and garage.”

So, Fun Monday’s challenge for June 25 is to post pictures of your bookshelves or stacks of books. Hopefully, we will be able to read some of the titles. If you want, while you’re at it, post pictures of ANY shelves…shelves with toys, dishes, collections, Aunt Gertrude’s ashes in an urn, etc. Also, post pictures of your garage, carport, or places where you store ‘stuff.’ (No fair cleaning first, but if you must, maybe this will be the motivation to do so.)

So with no further ado, here are my shelves!


This is the bookshelf that my landlords got for us just last week! Prior to that, the books where arranged against the wall in the living room.

They also delivered this:


We didn’t ask for it, but it’s been infinitely useful since the temperature in the bedroom and the inside of the house from 4:30am (when the sun hits the windows) is this:


And here is the last bug cupboard in the house:


And that’s it for me for a late Fun Monday.

Make sure you visit Swampy to check out the other participants.


16 thoughts on “Fun Monday: Show us your shelves

  1. Oh my word woman —- 26C is naaaaaaathing, lol. I revel in 26C…..I bathe in it. I’d celebrate when it got down to the 20’s when I lived in the Middle East. I only turned he AC on when it edged toward 30C:).

  2. Dear all. I will point out that, while I took the photo showing 26 degrees at 9:18, the bedroom, which faces due east, gets the brunt of the sun at 4:30am. This usually wakes me up, and not only that, but it’s usually between 26 and 30 degrees at this time.

    Living on a main road in the middle of town (hence, I don’t open the windows) in a house that was designed to keep heat in, rather than let it out, means that the room gets really. bloody. hot.

    In fact, both Mr Moi and I have decided that the temperatures in our flat in the morning are less bearable than Australia, where we had overhead fans in every room and windows that we could open to catch the breeze.

    That’s all. Thanks for listening!

  3. I like your shelves and your walls. It looks so cheery and bright. I mean, you actually have a shelf with nothing on it! I’m so jealous. Now. Are those pots and pans stacked next to your bookshelf? How is it that you make it look cute, while my pot rack looks disastrous? Please advise.

  4. I’ve never seen anything like that air conditioner??? what the hey???

    I was wondering about that thing by your shelves, too.. It looks like a flower stand ???

  5. I’ve heard of Top Shelf “margaritas” but never Bottom Shelf “ones.” What is to the left of those shelves? Love the flags. I have one just like the little one. Thanks for playing the game. Sorry I’m late visiting.

  6. I bet everyone would have loved to see your bookshelves in Gladesville – there was a single shelf running around the perimeter of the living room at about 7 or 8 ft up and every single space was crammed with books – oh where are they now!!! The air con is a split system and is used when you air con only one room – very effective. I have had ours turned on to 25 deg each night for this cold week we are having in Brisvegas!!!!

  7. enidd’s just wondering why you have aussie flags in your cupboards. she’ll have to get union jacks for hers, it’s obviously the cool thing to do.

  8. Dear melissa. The reason there’s nothing on that shelf is because it’s SO HIGH that everytime I want to get whatever is up there down from there, I have to pull the ladder out. Seeing as we came over here with just 10 boxes, so far we haven’t gathered anything that we want to put into full on storage – i.e. the top shelf. You can send over some DVDs of SANC if you like, it’s a top shelf comedy after all 🙂

    Dear pamela. That air con is the front unit, then they suspended the outdoor unit (which contains the fan) off the outside of the apartment. And yes, that’s a pot plant stand – the kitchen is soooo lacking in shelves, I have to pop my pans on there!

    Dear swampy. The only reason you’re late visiting is because I was late in posting! Sorry. Yes, the bottom shelf is quite juicy, is it not… 🙂

    Dear give it a try. Apparently, the a/c takes all the dust out of the air. Maybe that’s why it looks funny!

    Dear mum. Ahhh I miss my picture rail bookshelf. Probably the single best thing about that flat – the worst, of course, being the peeping tom landlord (who was actually a 94 year old miniature woman who was French).

    Dear enidd. It’s to remind me to be, like, patriotic, like. Do you want me to send you an Aussie one? Because you’re aussie after all, aren’t you?

  9. Dear Little Miss Moi, Had you not told us, I wouldn’t have been sure what that was on the wall…a new look to me, for sure. RE: your bottom shelf…I can tell there are not little mois running around…that’s hardly “mother’s milk” ;).

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