Yay, I’m back

And what a day to be back, because I’ve got a LOT to bitch about! Well, not a lot per se, but two very important things.

Firstly, after a night of not-very-good-sleep (upset tummy boo-hoo, and for once, not alcohol related!), I woke up at 8am in order to see Mr Moi walk out the door to go to work. On a Saturday. (Actually, while his work didn’t make today an official working day, it’s another weird ‘four-day weekend next week so work on the Saturday this week’ things).

This morning, armed with my newly fixed computer and a quiet Saturday morning, I sat down to start blogrolling. It feels like I’ve been away for so long, I almost wanted to main-line an internet connection.

Alas, this morning, fate was not on my side. I booted up the computer, opened Firefox and… nothing. I checked out the modem and it was gleefully blinking at me. Bugger… not working.

So I popped on an episode of Sex and the City (I was a relative latecomer to this series. I got it for free earlier this year, and am slowly making my was through seasons 1 and 2).

After two episodes, the internet was still not working, so I made myself a berry smoothie, and settled down for episode three of the morning when…


The power went out.

To be honest, after that I was so devoid of energy and motivation to do something that didn’t require electricity, that I went back to bed.

In the end, the power was out for about six hours. Hopefully the freezer didn’t defrost.

Welcome back to my world!


25 thoughts on “Yay, I’m back

  1. Dear chrisb. Ahh.. I would have done the exact same thin about seven months ago when I first arrived in Ukraine. However, I am so accustomed to these little glitches that there’s no point in getting upset anymore. The internet connection used to go out about three times a day during winter, but has been great during the summer…

    Dear give it a try. Yes, the nap did work – in fact, I don’t think I was really awake in the first place (despite the Sex and the City watching). Because I fell so astoundingly asleep and woke up at 1pm really disorientated…

  2. Ah-h-h! The Power of Patience and the wonders of a Power Nap when things go wrong. Not much use in getting all bent out of shape…just sleep.
    You are signed up and ready to go for Fun Monday. Shout out to all your friends to join, too. Maybe we could end of with 40 if two more sign up.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Glad you’re back online, albiet with glitches. I’ll take glitches over no internet at all any day!

    ps: I have the whole sex & the city collection. You can borrow it anytime!

  4. Hi there miss moi
    I also find that naps work when my computer starts playing up!
    Talking nicely doesn’t
    Thumping it doesn’t (altho it is strangely satisfying lol)
    Hope you had a good time away. I haven’t seen your blog before and am totally new to this exciting world of blogging. Come and visit my blog, the more the merrier!

  5. 1) Yaaaaaeeeeeeeeeee! You’re back!!

    2) Yeeeeeeeeessssss! You were missed!!

    3) *&*%#@& computers & electricity (or loss of both)

    4) Yaaaaaaaaaeeeee! on great nappin’!

    5) Hope things are up and running WELL soon!

    6) Careful…S&C might just give you ideas…;) Mr. Moi will be most appreciative. If it gives HIM ideas, well, you just might be, too. Or so I’ve heard :D.

  6. Sex and the City, a smoothie and a nap!?!? Sounds like a full work-day to me! You should go rest or something. 😉

  7. I can’t believe you’ve only just discovered sex and the city, you’ll be kept busy catching up on all the series’.

    I hope you’re back online soon.

  8. enidd thinks it’s cosmic karma cos you boasted to her about you 10mbit connection. tee hee.

    (oh, and welcome back! you’ve been missed.)

  9. I found that when I was first in Kosovo, in the winter, about the only thing you could do when the evening power cut came on, was go to bed and watch a DVD on the laptop. That way you were warm and safe, and with a bit of luck the battery would last as long as the DVD. But then I got used to the life and would take a taxi to a restaurant anyway, since they all had generators.

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