I doubt you’re wondering where I am…

But my computer is playing up super bad. Think, shutting down every time I try to do anything. I think it’s the internal fan. Hopefully I can find someone here who can fix it quick smart! In the mean time, send me happy thoughts… Coz not only do I feel like my right arm has been cut off, but I feel like my left arm has been cut off too.


24 thoughts on “I doubt you’re wondering where I am…

  1. I was wondering too. Boy I really feel for you , I’ve had technical problems recently myself so I totally empathise with you.

    Good luck finding someone ( I don’t mean that ironically, I mean I’m wishing you good luck)

  2. I thought there must be agood reason that we hadn’t heard from you. Hope you can get things sorted soon I know how I felt when I had connection problems a few weeks back- it’s an addiction that we all have !!

  3. I can’t blame my stuff on technical difficulties…just life in the summer with three kids :/. Hope your stuff gets resolved soon…and that I’m to find some BALANCE! 🙂

  4. You are right. I am wondering where you have been. Here they are…happy thoughts, Happy Thoughts, HAPPY THOUGHTS. I hoped that they reached you in the Ukraine.

  5. totally forgot you were talking about this. Amidst my hosting chores I forgot I mentioned you about this one guy I used for repairing my laptop recently. At least he did not seem to take all the vital parts of it and it’s working ok, so we can pay him a visit on Monday?

  6. I’m in Kyiv until the end of the week! I’m hoping to take a beach vacation starting Sunday, but I’ll be back in town in a couple of weeks.

    At the risk of getting a bunch of perverts on my tail – here’s my mobile: 093 151 3704.

    Would love to get together for some beer (or tea), and hear more of your observations on Ukrainian life.

  7. To My BlogBud…I’ve been away, so your new digs are a surprise to me…hope your computer glitches are cleared up soon…I’m hosting June 25 Fun Monday…wish you could be a part of it.

  8. You know, I think it was you who, on Thursday, asked me about my jet-lag, and I flippantly said I’m fine… Holy crap. I was up at 3 a.m. this morning! And I’ll be traveling for the next two days!

    I’ll learn to watch my mouth next time, I guess.

    Anyway, I’ll be reading the blog from abroad, and I hope your computer problems get solved, since I love reading your comments on life in Kyiv.

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