Fun Monday – bringing out the crafty side


And there you have it. Here is my craft – I crochet rugs. Nothing fancy, just big, square, warm rugs.

In the background is a rug with various pastels in it, mostly pinks – I started this when I was in seventh grade and finished it about 11 years later. Besides that is a blue and brown one I started immediately after finishing the 11-year project, and this one only took me about a year to complete.

You may notice the red and black rug – the colours of Mr Moi’s Favourite Football Team Ever – is not finished. Hence, it could not be separated from its ball of wool. I started this in Sydney, in 2003. It’s almost there, but not quite, and I’ve been working on it here in Kyiv.

On top is a red and white beanie, which I knitted when I was in grade 12 (last year of school in Australia). And next to that is a baby’s beanie, which I never managed to sew together and give anyone.

Well, I hope you enjoyed my crafty endeavours. Pop on over to Karmyn at Dreaming What Ifs to see ALL the other participants, and to click on through to check out their craft.

Thanks for another Fun Monday Karmyn!


25 thoughts on “Fun Monday – bringing out the crafty side

  1. Glad to see you recovered enough to show a Fun Monday :o) The rugs are beautiful! I’ve always wanted to try crocheting but everytime I do I end up with a 30 foot scarf. And no one seems to like them that long.

  2. Those afghans take a LOT of time and patience, so I’m duly impressed. I have some of those started, but would only make for good snake covers.

    Nothing as nice as curling up under one of these on a cold day!

  3. They are very pretty – but I have to say I have an unfinished crochet baby blanket in my closet that I meant to give to my friend (her son is now 7 years old). So, I know how the “work-in-progress” can take.

  4. Wow, I’m so impressed! I have a “scarf” that I started crocheting two years ago. It’s about four inches long. Another one of those someday projects. I like the brown and blue one very much!

  5. I just love your crochet; a friend of mine made me a blanket (1965) and it was my bed throw- over for many years, beccy decided she wanted it so it’s in Dublin now -I rather hope she still has it.

  6. Screw Mr Moi and his half assed football team! (oh did I mention they stole a one point victory from the Swans on the weekend?). We was robbed by the fucking maggots! Same thing happened to Barry Hall that happened to Matthew Richardson last week, something has to be done about it!!!!!

    oh yeah, yadda yadda nice craft stuff yadda yadda.

  7. I’m so impressed —- those are so well crocheted! I crochet every now and again, but I never seem to maintain the tension properly. I suppose if I practiced more, I’d be more consistent. But, wow, you’re as inconsistent as me on one hand (not finishing them very quickly, lolol), yet you manage to crochet so neatly. They’re beautiful!

  8. I am impressed with your crocheting and knitting. Your products are lovely. I can neither crochet or knit. The little hats are very cute. Good work, Little Miss Moi.

  9. I feel like I am saying the same thing about everyone’s crafts, but I am truly impressed. I have tried my hand at knitting and crocheting and I just can’t do it. I haven’t tried in years so maybe one day I will try again. Maybe I just need a good teacher. πŸ™‚

  10. I think crochet is WAY harder than knitting, but perhaps only because I learned to knit first and I keep trying to use the “other” hook when I crochet. Oh and BTW, you can totally learn to knit from a book. I did. And I used videos from this site: when the pictures didn’t make sense in my one-dimensional brain!

  11. Dear John T. Yes, they are lovely for the autumn (before the city turns the heating on) and the spring (after the city turns the heating off).

    Dear joy T. I am very glad I recovered enough for fun monday – I really went out on Friday night, not saturday night!

    Dear tiggerlane – time and patience yes, skill no. I tend to do them while I watch the TV so I can fly through them at times.

    Dear beckie. Thanks for saying they’re lovely – crocheting is very easy, easier than knitting, I’ll tell ya…

    Dear karmyn. That’s funny – just like that blue beanie on the top of the red wool. Was trying to make it for my nephew before he was born, but now he’s 2.5!

    Dear woodlandmama. Hey I’m not sure sure about that… I see photos of old people’s houses, and the chairs are covered in these crochet rugs and one day, my house will look like that.

    Dear melissa. Not as impressed as I was with your quilting – that totally rocks!

    Dear amy w. They are lovely and warm. In fact, we used to use them in Sydney (no heating) during the winter there, over our knees while we watched TV!

    Dear chrisb. My mum has a few that were crocheted by friends and grandparents for us kids – hopefully she hasn’t thrown them out!

    Dear willowtree. Actually, after being a Sydneysider for four years, he does feel a great allegiance to the swannies. This being after living in Brisbane for like 17 years and always hating the bears/lions (because his father defected from the bombers to the bears as soon as they moved there). So there you go. I tend to go for the Lions but I do like the Swannies too.

    Dear tiger lamb girl. Ahhh you don’t need to faff around with tension with these babies – cause they never lay flat. To be honest, when they DO lay flat – they rumple a bit. That’s why I draped them on a footstool for the piccy!

    Dear theotherbear. After the first one that I made – the multicoloured pastel one – I have always tried to make ones that match!

    Dear mjd. Thanks! I like to know that I have a tactile-type outlet – I don’t do it often but when I do, I really enjoy it.

    Dear bethany. Thanks! I think your ice-cream picture is very beautiful too!

    Dear julie. You know what – in those blankets I use a total of five different stitches :o) so after a while, it becomes very easy!

    Dear Pamela. I didn’t wear them, but Mr Moi did (the red and white one). And he lost it – I only found it when I was cleaning recently (in the bottom of some random bag).

    Dear Lisa. Thanks! Skilled, I’d say, not talented (my mum had to help me with the blue hat!)

    Dear sally. Thanks, I just hope I don’t get in the habit of draping them over mis-matched coloured couches.

    Dear olechko. Ohhh doesn’t that sound nice! Sometimes the idea of winter seems appealing, just not in slushy kyiv.

    Dear sabrina. THANKS for the link! Yay! You’re tops.

    Dear joeinvegas. Not as pretty as the bling you’ve been seeing lately!

    Dear very nice man. Hahah it’s rugged in some ways, but then it’s also very flat and steppe-y.

    Dear hellojed. bah, it’s easy. I should blog a learn to crochet class, but I’d have to get my nails done. For the first time ever.

  12. those are wonderful!! one of my ambitions is to finally learn how to knit and crochet properly. i can do chains and that’s it….i need someone who is left handed to teach me tho!! or to learn right handed….

    love the colours….pretty and warm πŸ™‚

    and thanks for adding me to your blogroll πŸ˜€

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