Alcohol, alcohol…

Why-for do I drink thee, alcohol?

Another wasted day.


14 thoughts on “Alcohol, alcohol…

  1. Because you tried to read to many ukranian signs!? I’m writing this from Sydney airport – your old stomping ground, no? First time here for both of us – a very nice city you have. The trains leave a bit to be desired though!! : ) (I haven’t commented in a little while – the wordpress thing threw me, didn’t know what the hell was going on ha ha)

  2. its like a snake hiding in the grass.from a distance it looks harmless and almost pretty.its when you mess with it that you get bit.and the more you mess with it the more bit you get.
    I was married to a drunk so I know how bit you can get..
    I do not waste my time on booze.I get high on joy that only Jesus brings.booze never did anything for me but put me to sleep!!!and rip my marriage apart.
    chocolate milk helps for a hang over.then stay away from it and you will be fine.
    have a great week God bless.

  3. > Why-for do I drink thee, alcohol?

    Last time I saw you doing it it was because you seemed to like it. Any you were thirsty after all the pole dancing.

  4. Dear karmyn. Yes, sometimes you feel like you need to. On Friday, I just wanted to.

    Dear Crystal. Hey! That’s a good excuse. And you shoulda heard me on Friday night – I was fluent in Russian, I tell ya.

    Dear willowtree. I was reading blog posts. Horizontally while laying on my side on the couch with a cold bottle of water… No energy to type comments.

    Dear chrisb. Oh no. Don’t encourage me!

    Dear melissa. And the problem is, we just ask it over and over don’t we?

    Dear leann. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, i have to admit I do get a little over-seduced by the ‘fun’ alchol can offer at times.

    Dear nat. Not sure about the hair of the dog, I never am… then again, it does seem to work.

    Dear Mum. Hmmm… bleah. You know if you’d been here you would have helped me drink the fizz with a splash of peach in it. I’m just sampling what Ukraine has to offer before you get here in September.

    Dear Jenny. Well… I didn’t black out. Much.

    Dear anonymouse. And dear enidd. Ahhh… You two are an evil husband and wife combination. But alas… At the moment, I can’t talk to either of you until you’ve both had a shower.

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