The road is on fire

Well, the road isn’t quite on fire. But it’s melting.

I’ve previously ranted and raved about the uneven footpaths and roads in Ukraine. In fact, when you’re crossing the road, it often looks like there’s a drunk driver heading his Lada in your specific direction. But it’s not so. The roads are so bumpy and uneven that they actually make the cars swerve. (On second thought, a high proportion of those drivers are probably drunk).

As you all know, because I can’t stop whingeing about it, it’s really really hot here. In fact, I saw a temperature sign yesterday that said it was 41 degrees cel. Remember, this is the land of cold. No air conditioning, no ventilation. Now it’s hot, there’s little reprieve.

As I was walking across the road today, I noticed my sandals were sticking a little as I took each step. Looking down, I realised why – the council, obviously in a effort to patch up the roads, had laid bitumen gum (no stones mixed in) over the road – roadworks that were completed some time ago, I’d say.

Considering the road surface is probably hitting the 50s (cel), then it’s little wonder it’s melting.

But in the split second I was looking down, I noticed something that amused me greatly.

There must have been about 20, one-inch deep pock-marks in the gum. Ah, I thought. Stilettos.

I wish I could say my heart went out to the dyevushkas whose heels have gotten stuck in the bitumen quicksand since the heatwave began over a week ago.

But it didn’t.


17 thoughts on “The road is on fire

  1. Hi
    I would have definatly smirked on seeing the stiletto pock-marks!!
    Thanks for your comment on my blog – how was it being one of five kids? I often worry that my kids have to compete for attention when we are all together. My 7 year old is particularly loud – I guess ’cause she’s in the middle? I was the middle child but only of three and there were five year gaps between us so we didn’t really have anything in common….apart from our parents of course!
    Your blog is fascinating – I will definatly be a regular reader of it. Russia is one of the countries my eldest daughter would like to visit. Not me,I always imagine it being cold,dark and damp though your posting suggests otherwise!

  2. wearing high heels to keep them higher–away from the hot stuff ha ha.

    I’ve seen sticky asphalt even around here in the summer..

  3. Stilettos are hot, but not for me, at least not when I go to the shop… I’ve got cousins who manage to walk pretty normally in them, though.

    The roads really piss me off in Ukraine. I took a road-trip to L’viv a couple of years ago. My heart was lodged in my throat for the entire 8 hours – because it was so bloody bumpy.

    And now there’s global warming melting the roads as well – yippeee yay.

  4. Oh no!! Poor little Devyushka. I still get a kick out of being called Devyushka by Babushkas even though I’m almost 30..
    Egypt was also hot today, 40 degrees also. Too hot for a rubber duck!

  5. Don’t know if you ever knew this Missy moo (that is not a typo) but when we were young and we went through a heatwave in NSW a good measure of the heat was if you could cook an egg on the footpath!!! Perhaps you should try it!! Cause a bit of a stir – you might get in the papers.

  6. How funny!!

    I remember many yesrs back ruing many pairs of high heeled shoes by wearing them on inappropriate streets – cobbled usually. Nothing worse than sticky shoes though!

  7. Dear headless chicken. Welcome! I liked being one of five kids. Didn’t feel left out at all. Personally I think my mum should have had more, cause five doesn’t feel like enough!

    Dear enidd. There may have been, but I’m sure a speeding lada would have snagged her.

    Dear pamela. Never thought of that – but still won’t sell me on high hells!

    Dear sarahemily. No! Bollix.

    Dear natalia. Yes, well, I am outpaced by dyevushkas in stilettos all the time! I don’t know how they do it. And I agree about the roads – on a recent trip to Crimea, my three-hour driving shift was on a particularly rough patch. I swapped just before we got on the Uman – Kyiv road, which is SO smooth!

    Dear Stephanie. Haha! True. That’s probably why a lot of Aussie girls only wear stilettos at night too.

    Dear chrisb. You and Pamela are thinking the same thoughts. I might do platforms. I wouldn’t do high hells.

    Dear stacey. I think it’s quite black and white to only have dyevushka and babushka don’t you? There have been a number of times I can’t bring myself to call someone ‘dyevushka’ but I’m not about to yell ‘babushka’ out either! I might get whacked over the head.

    Dear mum. Mmmm sounds yummy. Did you eat them after that?

    Dear willowtree. Ughh the chewy is gross. But then again, you can always drown in a loogie here.

    Dear Sally. Oh yes I don’t know how anyone would deal with the cobblestones! My mum said she bought a pair of high helled boots to go to the UK in 1972 and the cobblestones almost killed her. With stories like that, no wonder I grew up not wanting to wear them!

  8. Good lord. I have to learn to comment in my new blog when I’m logged in! Otherwise I’m directing people back to my old blog.

  9. Dear karmyn. Actually, wouldn’t be a bad name. Especially true when looking at the porsche 4x4s compared to the Ladas on the road.

  10. lol, stilettos??? i bet they look good stuck in those holes….just hanging there, without the foot attached. something pretty, pink and in a jimmy choo maybe??

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