Random shop hours

The other night, in desperate need of a late evening beer, Mr Moi and I trudged up to the local kiosk. Despite it being the middle of a rather warm spring, this kiosk doesn’t actually operate its fridges. But still, the babushka there is always nice to me, helping me with numbers and other random Russian-ness.

And anyway, it’s open til 11pm.

We opened the door and walked inside. Immediately I noticed there was something wrong. The floors were clean – in fact, they’d just been mopped.

‘Something’s going on here,’ I said to Mr Moi. His level of ‘impressed’ at my astuteness was neither here nor there; he had his eyes focussed on the fridge.

All of a sudden, a babushka – who I’ve never seen working in this kiosk before – jumped up and started yelling (in Russian), ‘I’m not working. Five minutes please.’

(For your benefit, that sounds something like, ‘Ya nye rabotaet. Pyat’ minutu pazhalusta.’)

Well, why have the door open, seemingly welcoming thirsty visitors if you’re not working? Of course I didn’t say that, because I’m chicken. But the dismissive attitude and the fact we were sooo thirsty required some quick thinking. Usually I’m a rather loyal customer, but technically, I decided, I didn’t have to be loyal to an old babushka I’ve never seen before.

So we did what I never thought we’d do. We went to the kiosk next door, and bought our beers there. And you know what?

They sell them icy cold.

Bugger loyalty. I’m sticking with the place that uses a fridge.


24 thoughts on “Random shop hours

  1. Dear jenny jenny jenny. And I love your new name hee hee. I agree. Cold beer is way more important than loyalty. Now I have to get to the shop to buy some fizz to make it cold enough for an afternoon of drinking in the park!

  2. Don’t the Brits like beer warm? They didn’t transfer that taste to Australia? (I know they didn’t to the US, perhaps it’s because our beer tastes like piss compared to theirs)

  3. Dear enidd. And lizzes must be very cold too, in order to bring out the lemongrass mmm mm.

    Dear joeinvegas. They certainly didn’t transfer that to Australia, thank goodness. We need, that is, NEED our beer freezing. In fact, Mr Moi and I just did a beer run up the street again (nightly thing), and our two little beers are quietly basking in the freezer as I type.

    Dear Zandria. Thanks! I’m givin’ wordpress a go!

    Dear sabrina. I am sad that we’re not blisters anymore though 😦

    Dear giveitatry. Well, usually my philosophy is to award loyalty to the people who have been the least mean to me here in Kyiv. Because they really have no concept about the fact that they have to *earn* loyalty… or a cold beer fridge.

  4. I’m going to chime in with the rest of the crowd in saying that the new layout is gorgeous.

    Warm beer has to be some sort of crime against humanity.

    Oh, and I said this in my comments section – but I’ll say it here as well: I’ll be home next month, at the end of the month. I’ll gladly buy you a cold one if you’re interested. :)))))

    Razvirtualimsya? – As they say.

  5. Darling Miss Moi, actually, what’s really great is cold beer AND loyalty. Be loyal to the one who has cold beer.

    I should put that in cross stitch. And give it to Jenny. Hee!

  6. Dear Natalia. Would love to – sounds like fun! Hopefully it’s not so hot by then!

    Dear stephanie. Haha that would make a great cross stitch. Or a tea towel (dish towel? in American) design. Yeah, totally a tea towel.

    Dear karmyn. Aw shucks all youse are no good for my guilty conscience, because you make me un-guilty!

    Dear olechko. Well, the more beer I have, the more likely I am to actually talk russian to anyone!

    Dear oh, the joys. Yep, nothing like it. Except maybe cold fizz.

    Dear chrisb. Yes, I’m with you. I actually think hot fizz is WORSE than hot beer. Fizz is something that’s gotta be crispy cold.

    Dear Pamela. Thanks! And they were icy cold ones 🙂

    Dear claudia. She might’ve, but I blocked it from my memory, so traumatic was the experience.

  7. Excellent and greatly funny blog! Thankyou for coming to say hello. Don’t talk to me about the Ukraine – they just came second in the eurovision song contest and we (Brits) came second – from bottom. Enjoy your beer. By the way, being technically retarded, how do you get one of those counter things so that you know how many people visited? I want one..

  8. Dear mind the gap. I know. What was that old babushka thinking? We could have died.. of like… annoyance or something.

    Dear alice band. Welcome! Thanks! Shucks, I don’t think I’m all too funny, after all, I don’t have stories about drinking too much at posh navy functions and having to lie about being pregnant just to do to the loo (personally, I probably would have had to invest in a colostomy bag). Oh, and, the counter comes with this blog on wordpress. However, if you go to statcounter.com and signup, I belive they can give you a counter for your page 🙂

    Dear theotherbear. Ah I can always rely on a fellow aussie to see my POV.

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