Just like buying a new pair of shoes

Hello dear readers.

Welcome to my new-look blog. No reason for the change, except I was a bit bored, really. I hope you like my new-look blog, and hopefully it will inspire me to be a little bit more imaginative with my posts.

In the meantime, please ignore the really shite-y font-matting of previous posts. This is my own fault, as I always changed the font to Verdana. And I’m not promising I will go back and re-font-mat.

I’m off to melt in the 32 degree weather (hello? This is supposed to be a cold country).

Love and kisses

Little Miss Moi xx


13 thoughts on “Just like buying a new pair of shoes

  1. Dear sally. It is good – I just wish a had an oscillating fan. That’s all i want.

    Dear beccy. I’ve been trying to blow it your way for a week 😦 Don’t know what’s happening.

  2. Hello,
    I like the look of your new blog. It is 66 degrees here in Indiana, which is (of course)in Fahrenheit. I guess that is around 26 degrees Celsius. Take care.

  3. LMM! I love the graphic in your header. It seems to be raining flowers and fireworks. I want it on a tee-shirt.

    I hope you find an oscillating fan so you can be more comfortable. Love the new digs!

  4. Dear vasyl. It certainly is autumn in Australia at the moment, and people (like the other bear) are telling me it’s ‘freezing’ i.e. +15 degrees. But wouldn’t you agree that the temperature in Kyiv is very unseasonal at the moment? I think it’s like a heatwave, and it’s only spring.

    Dear mjd. Thanks! I think the temperature in Indiana sounds just about right for spring.

    Dear melissa. Thanks! It’s just a wordpress template. I didn’t even really want to change suppliers but I fell in love with this template, AND i also like the fact that when people make comments, I get their email address so can respond direct if I want to. Which you can’t do with blogger. And I believe mind the gap / sarahemily is going to lend me a fan for saturday – when it’s expected to be 37 degrees.

  5. enidd likes your fancy arrow pointing at the comments. and your new look, of course. she thinks your blog is a bit high-heeled for someone who claims to onlty wear flatties!

  6. Dear enidd. Well, a girl’s gotta look good virtually, if she can’t really really.

    Dear karmyn. Oh! my first blister! Thanks for letting me know. I was getting rather lonely without beccy and sabrina (but we’ll always be blisters deep down).

    Dera chrisb. Thanks! It will be SO last season within 6 months but I’ll be inspired to give a makeover then, perhaps.

  7. See what I miss when live carries me away in the current??? Hope you enjoy your new digs…maybe NEXT week I’ll be a better bluddy 🙂

  8. Dear bluddy robin. Oh you only missed it by about 24 hours. So no biggy! I hope things are OK 🙂

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