Seven random things about Little Miss Moi

enidd tagged me to write about seven random things. Thanks enidd. It’s not often I’m tagged and it makes me feel loved.

Racking through my rather random brain, it was hard to come up with anything that seemed worthwhile. But I came up with some boring randomnesses and this is what I got…

1. When I was six, I fell off my bike and hit my head. The result was a black eye that was closed for a week. I think my parents were embarrassed to take me out in public (in case someone thought they did it to me).

2. I’m not a huge fan of the beach. While I don’t mind a dip in the ocean, I hate sitting on the beach getting burnt. And sand is overrated. But I swear, I really am a true blue aussie.

3. I took my first overseas trip in utero. My parents went on a holiday to Germany when mum was six months pregnant with me. At least I had a first class position all the way.

4. I finished school, and started university, when I was 16. This is simply a result of the differences in the state education systems in Australia, not because I’m a brainbox. Sorry.

5. Continuing on the non-brainbox theme, I have two degrees. One is a Bachelor of Business in Communication. The other is a Bachelor of Arts in Media Studies. Now here’s the dumb thing – both are underpinned by the exact same communication theories. So I needed to do two degrees to learn the same thing twice.

6. I have flat feet and bad knees. I use this as a legitimate excuse to avoid high hells, I mean, heels. At all costs.

7. I am one of five children. My anguished mental state is a result of the fact that I was the youngest for six years, before my little brother came along. After that, I was abruptly thrust into middle-child-dom.


10 thoughts on “Seven random things about Little Miss Moi

  1. As you are in Ukraine I think you should join them in stiletto wearing happiness. I can recommend some great sandal shops!

  2. enidd thought your anguished mental state had two causes – molvania and goat eviseration at the weekend.

  3. You Hate the beach? well – I don’t like sunbathing, but I LOVE the beach….I just wear a big dorky hat and lather on TONS of sunscreen.

    (I cant’ wear high heels either. I liked your name for them high hells)

  4. Wow, 16 is really too young to be going to Uni. I took the other route. I was 32 when I started.

    Two degrees hey, looks like you got the double whammy – Communication and Academics. You’d think with those two combined they could have saved you the effort.

    But then we are talking about Academics teaching Communication, bit of an oxymoron don’t you think?

  5. You hate the beach?
    Maybe you’re doing it wrong.
    I love the beach. If I have a nice little beach shack nearby to get cold drinks from an rest inbetween dips.

    I hated being at Uni at 17 so I can’t imagine it at 16. All the other kids went to bars but I wasn’t old enough for the first 6 months.

  6. when I was six I had a trike

    the beach is a giant pedicure waiting for my toes and heels

    never been over seas — well Hawaii and Cabo San Lucos… but do they count?

    My mom probably ever left the house with me cause I was #8 and she was embarassed

    I dropped out of college. However, I think I am just as educated as some of the bumhead college grads I work around. geesh.

    I have two degrees, 72 and 73… any hotter or cooler and I’m just not happy

    I have flat feet (pronation) too. I have to wear orthotics… so take care of those feet. get your ortho’s now while you still have a chance to keep some arch. stay away from hells

    You’re still a “children” too. No wonder I love you!!!

  7. #5 was too funny!! learning the same thing twice….hehe!! I still love high heels despite bad knee, I just don’t wear them very often. As for the beach, I love it, but it’s more about going swimming and snorkelling!! sigh…

  8. Dear sarahemily. Ow ow ow. I really just don’t know if I could do it. If we go out one night and I attempt to wear high hells, you’ll see how retarded I am when I try to walk in them.

    Dear sabrina. Yeah! And flats are much cuter. And comfier.

    Dear enidd. Actually, I relished the goat evisceration. Ever minute of it.

    Dear beccy. Ok I don’t HATE the beach. I love to go to the beach and watch the waves etc, but from the safety of a cafe or a hilltop. Not sitting on the sand getting sandy and red.

    Dear karmyn. Woo hoo! A sister in the high hell world! People don’t believe me when I truly say I can’t wear them, just can’t. Even at my wedding, they were kicked off by the start of the reception.

    Dear willowtree. Well, I was only 16 for the first 6 weeks, then I turned 17. Comms at uni is actually really theoretical – so even though the people who teach it can’t communicate, the text books have all the descriptions and diagrams you need. I once got an A for doing an assignment on the Simpsons! (It was a Marxist analysis. Hmm.. and I’ve ended up in the Former Soviet Union. Double Hmmm.)

    Dear theotherbear. Yes, a cold shack would be nice. And I don’t mind if there is no one around either so I can just spread out in my kaftan. And being at uni at 16/17 did suck – that was the year I became obsessed with mIRC.

    Dear Pamela. You make me giggle. Are you really number eight in the family? Wow. I do have orthotics that I wear for sports, and besides that, I pretty much always wear Birkenstock shoes. But my feet are naturally flat – i’ve only ever had about 1mm of arch 😦 And yes, it’s a wonder some people get through uni. Me included 🙂

    Dear claudia. Yes! I can stay in the water all day happily (if it’s warm enough) and when I was in Thailand I LOVED going snorkelling (never done it much in Oz as the beaches I grew up near were all surf beaches that stretched on for mile after mile).

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