Not a true Aussie? And the tale of the too-small skirts

Some of my readers have accused me of being a whimpy Aussie because I can’t use a barbie and I don’t like it hot!

Well, poo to them.

I never said I didn’t like the hot weather. You see, it’s all to do with the food in Ukraine.

Since I’ve lived in Ukraine, I’ve put on about 5 kilos, or perhaps a little more. The result is, I’m weighing the most I have in my life.

Another result is, all the lovely everyday summer clothes I brought with me from Australia no longer fit me. The only clothes that (just) fit me are the heavy winter skirts and shirts I bought when I first came to Kyiv.

And before you say anything, I don’t want to go out shopping for clothes that fit. Firstly, because I actually really want to be (and hopefully am in the very slow process of) losing weight.

Secondly, clothes in the shops here are rather arbitrarily priced, which means that most things that are about double the price you’d pay back home. Weird, isn’t it? Cheap food, expensive clothes. Doesn’t really make sense to me.

But really and truly, give me hot weather any day over snow and slush. There’s nothing better than sweating, and walking around in just a skirt and shirt with sandals. No coat required.

Too bad I only have one skirt that fits at the moment.


13 thoughts on “Not a true Aussie? And the tale of the too-small skirts

  1. Ah, forget about the bikini photos, unless that was you in the black bikini at the barbie the other day, in which case, you need a wide angle lens.

  2. Hopefully the weight will roll off now it’s summer, you’re body was probably storing extra fat to cope with the cold winter!

  3. I agree with you, similar problems here in Japan. And I love summer and hot weather, too. But I would really like to work up to it, rather than one day it’s freezing the next day it’s boiling. Give the girl a chance to acclimate, thank you.

  4. I miss hot weather…it’s mid-may and the expected high here in CA is 19. 19!! Occasionally it reaches 30 here and then everyone is dying of heat while I finally begin to thaw out!!

  5. I’m totally with you on the skirt/sandal front. And if you bought a v teeny weeny short skirt in Kiev (of which there are plenty), surely it wouldn’t cost that much?

  6. I grew up in North Dakota and Wisconsin, so whenever I complain about being cold, people say, “You grew up in the north – you should be used to this.” Used to it? Yes. Loving it? No. There’s a reason I moved to Colorado. Now here in Colorado it gets above 100F on a regular basis in the summer, yet, oddly enough, I don’t care for the heat. I don’t plan to start liking it when I move to Oz, either!

  7. You would think that you’d lose weight shivering in the cold…so why do we always gain weight in the winter? (I know the REAL reason – just looking for better excuses)

  8. Maybe all your clothes shrunk and you didn’t put on weight at all. That also happened to my entire wardrobe.

  9. oops, sorry for making a mess on your blog, the address I gave you in the previous comment is missing a letter “l” at the end to be functional..

  10. Dear willowtree. Nope, that wasn’t me. But she was pretty hot.

    Dear beccy. Yep I’m hoping so too. Summer… and a gym.

    Dear natalie. Yeah it’s so strange. It’s been 30+ degrees for the past week, and was snowing two weeks ago!

    Dear claudia. I feel a bit like that too. I do prefer the heat over the cold!

    Dear sarahemily. While many an old and young woman bares their thighs here in Kyiv, I’m not about to go there.

    Dear amy. Oh no – how are you going to survive in Oz? Lots of trips to the beach!

    Dear karmyn. Yeah.. I would have thought so too. Then again, inside the apartment it was always 21 degrees thanks to the city and their centrally controlled heating.

    Dear theotherbear. That’s totally it! I’m going to use that argument, defo!

    Dear molly. I’m not sure a sewing machine would actually fit in my apartment…

    Dear pamela. haha shall do. it’s right next to the window so people looking in from the apartments across the road should have a real treat!

    Dear olechko. Haha they are the cutest pics! Willowtree will love them (his blog is, “A dingo’s got my barbie”). For those who are interested in the the above link, you can click here to take a look at Barbie photos.

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