They said there were steppes out here somewhere…

But all I could see what flat land, as far as they eye can see…

With the occasional dug up paddock (yes, folks, that’s the technical name)…

And every now and then, a few pretty poplars and other trees (oak? willow? If it’s not a eucalypt, I can’t vouch for it) on the horizon…

A canola field here and there. We were assured they weren’t GM crops…

More canola fields, and very dark and dreary skies…

There were even a few lurkers on the side of the road. After all, if you ask a Ukrainian where the toilet is, their response is, “Everywhere!”

Still no damn steppes! After ten hours of driving, I thought I would have seen one or two…

But mostly just saw abandonned buildings and factories…

And lots of flat land…

I’m steppe-ing into the twilight zone…

Tune in tomorrow to see where Little Miss Moi ended up after this long day on the road that was supposed to have steppes, but only had flat land.


21 thoughts on “They said there were steppes out here somewhere…

  1. Dear sarahemily. Well, it worked near megamarket. I reckon it’s still wiffy down there because everyone jumped over the green fence to take a leak when the protests were on.

  2. Dear beccy. The drive didn’t bother us. When we lived in Sydney and went home to visit mums and dads in Brisbane, it was a 12 hour drive. Just a day, that’s all… Although the roads in Australia have significantly fewer potholes.

  3. 10 hours west of Kyiv through the steppe (Ukrainian for plain/prairie) I hope you are making your way to Carpathians or, maybe a little further afield…

  4. Looks more beautiful than I thought it would! Very nice! And very much like in Everything is Illuminated. Loooooong drive for no steppes!

  5. it’s beautiful though…what exactly is a steppe? I looked it up and here the dictionary says it’s a vast plain (why not just call them plains then???) I’m confused…

  6. Looks like you are in Kansas.

    Since I’m horrible at Geography I have NO clue where you are headed – Finland?

  7. I don’t think I’ve ever seen land that flat. Not too entertaining of a drive.

    I look forward to seeing your next set of photos 🙂

  8. Looks like you’re in the middle of nowhere! A pretty nowhere nonetheless. Doesn’t look like those fields are running out of water!

  9. those fields looked like our dandy lion the spring all is yellow with dandy in the USA we have flat lands in some midwest states.they are boring!!!my friend and I drove to see her daughterin the one was so boring i fell asleep.
    nothing but miles and miles of hills,no nothing.yikes I was so glad to get back to tree,s and hills and rivers and wild life.
    I never went with her down there again.
    God bless and have a great weekend.

  10. I must confess I like my scenary to be more variable but interesting nevertheless. Men get it easy don’t they!!

  11. Wow. That’s some flat land. Probably not too far off a drive through the Canadian prarie provinces…

  12. Maybe you were supposed to walk across those fields. You would have been taking steppes then, surely?

  13. Dear no. steppes.

    Dear enidd. Yes! Invisible to the naked eye.

    Dear pumpernickel. Ahh who said I was going west?

    Dear sabrina. Yes I was surprised at how lush and green it was, and the darkness of the soil. It was rather beautiful.

    Dear claudia. It is actually called a steppe because that’s the Russian word for it! Like prairie is the American word for it.

    Dear karmyn. Hahaha! Random. Nope, not finland, although it was a bit chilly so for a while we thought we were headed north, not south.

    Dear amy. Wow, is that really what Dakota looks like? Cool! I think there might be less extreme weather here though.

    Dear kila. No, I don’t think I had either. No. I lie. The Darling Downs in Queensland are pretty flat…

    Dear the manns. Yes we were in the freakin middle of nowhere, I’ll tell you that. Later found out this region is one of the least populated in ookrayin.

    Dear leann. They could be dandelion fields. I’m not sure. I was told they were canola but that was by someone who wasn’t sure of the exact translation…

    Dear chrisb. Yes, I agree. I like the look of houses and villages popping up here and there.

    Dear alissa. Probably – though I still assume the prairies are flatter and more wheat-belty.

    Dear theotherbear. Wow, I never thought of that! Darn, I wish you’d told me earlier.

    Dear pumpernickel. Stay tooned.

    Dear Pamela. hahah! I wish I could drive to Kansas from here.

  14. Thanks for the tutorial! So…steppes are kind of like what we have here in the Dakotas…a “Little House on the Prairie” type of action, huh?

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