Where do YOU think Little Miss Moi is?

I’ll be back soon! Like, in two days :o(


23 thoughts on “Where do YOU think Little Miss Moi is?

  1. 1. Khan’s palace
    2. In a flowerbed
    3. Caves monestary up the road from 1
    4. Eagles nest (or crow or duck, some bird’s nest anyway)

    Do I win a prize?

  2. Well you must be in one of those photos. I guess in the flower. Probably in the red bit, it seems a little more roomy than the green bit.

  3. With the tulip, I figured Holland – but that brilliantly blue water makes it impossible, I think…

    So – somewhere on the Mediterranean? wherever you are, it looks absolutely divine. Enjoy

  4. Now we know why you had gone quiet;
    when I first saw this it reminded me of the ‘alhambra’ and the dwelling in the hill looked like the cave dwellings in the hills behind Grenada;
    so with a little googling I think anonymouse is spot on and its Khan palace mosque Bakhchisaray

    Is last photo the black sea a view from Crimea in the Ukraine from some exclusive little hotel!!

  5. Dear willowtree. Good guess, good guess indeed….

    Dear beccy. It was beautiful but it was still a bit chilly for my liking.

    Dear wes. Not being danish! It was lovely though.

    Dear anonymouse. Well, you’re potentially disqualified because you knew exactly where I was going. As you’re punishment, I’ll buy you a glass of headache-inducing Slavutych.

    Dear theotherbear. Yes, it’s a pretty big flower isn’t it?

    Dear karmyn. Almost the mediterranean… Almost, but not quite.

    Dear pumpernickel. I’m really disappointed in you… I thought you’d get it in one. And you call yourself part of the diaspora.

    Dear sabrina. hahahah! yes, well, it is a bit of a ladi-da land.

    Dear elena jane. Yes, it is very pretty, in fact, quite unspoilt natural beauty!

    Dear claudia. I’ll respond to you how I responded to willowtree. Good guess… good guess indeed.

    Dear chrisb. You’re a clever little duck. I thought anonymouse’s clues were still a bit obscure for someone to be able to google!

    Dear mind the gap. I wish! That would be funny – weird, but funny. And I DID meet some trogs in France!

    Dear kila. Yes, very beautiful – I was impressed with how lovely a sea without waves can be!

    Dear amelita. Not holland, but you’re right, I felt lucky to be in this slightly obscure place.

    Dear molly. Oooohhh… Refer to my response to pumpernickel’s comment. Your FIL might have something to say about your guess…

    Dear anonymous mother. Yes, chrisb is very clever. I will post on Flickr soon – have heaps to upload, will be hard to pick the highlights.

    Dear the manns. Hmm.. I was going to say that it would be a bit cold for a southern hemispherer like me and you, but NZ has some cool weather… So if you’re used to being at the beach when it’s cold, then you’d love it!

  6. South Crimea? I would never guess but I guess the third one is the view from the Swallows Nest? Quite sneaky.

  7. I’ve never been out of my Mother Country…:/…I have no idea.

    All of a sudden, I’m feeling very small!

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