Prolonging the holiday joy

It seems the Ukrainian government decreed that today, being a Saturday, was a working day.

And it turned out to be true! Mr Moi went to work, we even went to the bank and it was OPEN on a Saturday!

Why did the government issue a decree that Saturday was just another working day?

Next week, there are two public holidays – on Tuesday and Wednesday. When public holidays fall on days that are separated by only one working day from the weekend, the Government will usually make everyone work on a Saturday anywhere up to two weeks prior.

This, then, creates a four (or, in this case, five) day weekend.

Of course, this doesn’t really affect lazy me. But I always thought weekends were sacred… Am very glad I don’t work in this slave driving country (with lots of long weekend holidays).


23 thoughts on “Prolonging the holiday joy

  1. Oooh, five day weekend! Sounds like a good excuse to buy wine and eclairs.

    Although working on saturday = suckage.

  2. I long ago gave up the concept of weekends as that was when I usually worked when I was a bartender…now that I’m in school, the work gets done whenever it needs, which is quite often on the weekend!!

  3. Whoa, if they tried that crap here, you’d see what a revolution really looks like! Public holidays falling close to a weekend is the luck of the draw, and therefore you are obligated to make it a four day weekend. But working another day in lieu is out of the question! We’d risk losing our ranking as the most days off work in the universe.

    I wonder how our American friends would feel about us getting 4 weeks annual leave, 10 days paid sick leave and 11 public holidays, all af which are paid.

    Plus don’t forget rostered days off, which when I worked I got one every two weeks, as does my wife now. Oh and let’s not forget Long Service Leave, accumulated at 2 weeks per year.

  4. EEEK!!!!
    That is just an absolute travesty!
    I get the same benefits WT described up there… and I whine about how I need MORE days off!

  5. I think I need to move to Australia, although I believe Ireland is fairly near the top of the most bank holidays in Europe.

  6. We’re in the midst of a long running spate of holidays, with Easter, Anzac Day, May Day, Queens Birthday all coming through over these months. Lots of holidays. And unless your in retail, there ain’t nobody working weekends!

  7. I think i’m going to try and go to Australia after reading Willow’s comment. Do you think they’d let me in??? 😉

  8. I think i’m going to try and go to Australia after reading Willow’s comment. Do you think they’d let me in??? 😉

  9. you would think they might move the holiday to a monday and tuesday. Or would that be too commonsensical?

  10. Does this mean that workers are actually getting paid now in the Ukraine? My F-I-L went back for a visit a while back, and was bemused by the fact that there were several “workers” lounging around in a shoe store, but when he asked to see some shoes they said they didn’t have any! When he asked why they continued to come to work, they said at least that way there was some chance they’d get paid….No guarantee, but a chance.

  11. Wow I’ve never heard of that before, I mean the goverment making Saturday a regular working day because of a public holiday. Can you imagine the outrage if they tried to do it in Australia, lol.

  12. Dear nat. Yes, great excuse. A good excuse to take another two days off work and go awol for a week! Which is what we’ve done.

    Dear claudia. I long ago gave up on working days… So now I eat and drink like it’s the weekend every night of the week!

    Dear chrisb. Retirement age is usually about 65 I believe. And it’s usually a push to a pension – I’m not sure people, particularly in trades, have much say in when they retire.

    Dear willowtree. Ahhh. RDOs. And don’t forget the flex time if you work in even the slightest public service!

    Dear enidd. He claims he gets too distracted. Which is not hard seeing as we don’t have an office, just a telly room.

    Dear pamela. Are you letting willowtree get into your ear?

    Dear theotherbear. What willowtree didn’t mention is how most of us Aussies find it hard to take all those holidays! My two jobs both gave me payouts when I left because I couldn’t manage to take all my hols!

    Dear beccy. YOu can’t get good craic in Australia. The Guinness tastes different.

    Dear wes. I used to work on Weekends, at a grocery store. Luckily, that was before they brought in Sunday trading and opened the doors on pulic hols.

    Dear claudia. I believe they let almost anyone in (well, except ‘queue jumping’ refugees in the case of the current government).

    Dear sarahemily. OR they could just have the hol on Tuesday and Wednesday, and let people claim a annual leave day on Monday, if they want to…

    Dear molly. Oh, there’s a lot of money floating around Kyiv these days. The economy is growing at quite a fast rate, I believe. But even if there ARE shoes in the store, it’s still a challenge to get anyone in a shop or restaurant to help you.

    Dear sam. I know! It’s quite gobsmacking. The goverment makes a ‘decree’ to work on a Saturday too. I think Australia would go on strike if that happened.

    Dear no. Umm…. about 23. I think.

    Dear leann. Yes, there’s always someone who has to work the weekend and night time hours. Luckily, not me for a few years now.

  13. The government can decree a working day? Is that just for government employees, or everyone? What if you’re Jewish and still celebrate/honor the Sabbath? (I’m so confused…)

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