Beer in the park

After a hard day’s work (that’s Mr Moi, not moi), what better way to unwind than to join the other 500 people sitting in the park, buying 80 cent beers from the hastily erected tents?

Then sit anywhere – on the edge of a fountain, in the makeshift beer garden (read: tables, chairs and brollies that are scattered hither and thither), on a park bench or, heaven forbid, on the grass, while drinking the beers and watching the evening close in over the city.

Admire the tulips. Look at the trees in bloom. Watch the little kids on jumping castles. Wonder about the planters on the lightpost that have the hammer and sickle painted on the outside (they’ve obviously been using the same planters for 16+ years). Listen to a group of 20 very drunk girls singing folk songs and crying their Ukrainian eyes out.

Three beers and less than $3 later, it’s 9pm and time to go home and cook dinner. Ahhh… spring seems nice so far. I can’t wait ’til summer.


18 thoughts on “Beer in the park

  1. That sounds sweet.
    Believe it or not I shivered with the cold when I went outside this evening. (Freezing, for Sydney, at around 10C in my back yard)

  2. have you been to piragova yet? it’s fantastic, full of old ukrainian village houses, and ukrainian girls putting flowers in their hair, drinking vodka and singing. enidd loves it.

  3. What a great way to spend an evening.

    Beer makes me puke. I’m talking PUKE! HURL! FROM THE TOES! Hug the porcelain goddess, hike like a football player. PUKE!

    Now that you know that about me, we can continue on our friendship. =)

    Did you take spy pictures?

  4. This made me long for a place of substance; a place, a city, town or village that has existed for a long time. Without the hammer and sickle of course. Those kinds of places are in short supply here in Florida. We do have warm weather though…

  5. I’m not much for beer, but I’d enjoy watching the rest of that

    I can verify the high heel destiny.
    I’m certain part of my disintigrating
    arch has something to do with the shoes I wore in my 20’s and 30’s

  6. Dear hellojed. Thanks for dropping by. It was lovely – there’s flowers in the park and all.

    Dear sarahemily. Sitting on the grass? The boys were worried their suits would get dirty!

    Dear beccy. Yep, it was good craic.

    Dear pumpernickel. We like Chernigivske Premium. I can handle only one Slavutych at a time. We tried a new beer the other night, though, called Hike (made by Obolon).

    Dear chrisb. Yes it ended up being a bit cold, but you wouldn’t believe how the locals just embrace spring!

    Dear theotherbear. 10 deg? What the heck? That is pretty cold for April.

    Dear nat. Yes, twas lovely. Looking forward to taking picnics to the park after work in summer.

    Dear enidd. We have not been to Piragova. Will have to add that one to the list of STDINEATMCBTLFSF (Stuff to do in enidd and the man’s car before they leave for San Fransico)… OH! I mean, WITH enidd and the man before they etc…

    Dear vicki. Oh no! That sounds horrid. I hope you just stick to a nice glass of wine with supper then. No spy piccies – didn’t realise it would be such sight. Next time!

    Dear anon. Yes.. didn’t realise what the difference between winter and summer would be.

    Dear molly. Yes, I have never lived in an old place before – Sydney’s oldest building was built in like, 1840 or something. It’s lovely.

    Dear claudia. Hopefully you can do that soon too when all your school work is finished with!

    Dear karmyn. Yep, cheap night out – Mr Moi always treats me to the best.

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