Five questions from mind the gap

Little Miss Moi interview – by Mind the Gap

1. What’s your worst habit?
My worst habit is the tendency to stare off into space while playing with my hair. This, my mother calls ‘twiddling’.

This habit has been such a problem throughout my life that, over my adult years, my hair got shorter and shorter as I tried harder and harder to stem the desire to twiddle: ten years ago, I chopped my hair from the longest it’s ever been (1 cm below my shoulders) to short, then shorter, then shorter…. And, although I now have ear length hair as a result of not trusting the likes of Willy Barber and other hair hackers in Kyiv, I’ve had a happy decade of short hair.

And I’m still enjoying my twiddling. (And it’s become somewhat of a trademark. Oft commented on in the workplace – where I don’t even realise I do it – I’ve never been fired for it).

2. What’s the most stupid thing you’ve come across in Kiev?
Besides dyevushkas who slow down the pavement traffic speed to 1 metre / hour while they walk in an arm-linked phalanx of scary aggressive wimmin, in their 10-inch stilettos that they spent 70 per cent of their income on, forgoing the possibility of more pleasurable things like travelling abroad, and increasing the possibility of foot, knee, back and bone problems for the rest of my life?

No. That’s definitely it.

3. What and who was your first pet?
Well, the family had a chihuahua dog called Pepe when I was about two years old. We left him with my grandparents when we moved cities, and then he died. I didn’t cry, so he doesn’t really could.

Then there were the two goldfish, named Speedy and Buttons. Obviously, Speedy knew how to push Buttons because one day, we found Buttons on the floor. We put him back in the bowl, but then his tail fell out and we have a feeling Speedy ate him. I didn’t cry, so they don’t really count either.

Then there was our green pet budgie. He didn’t have a name. I trained him to sit on my shoulder, say some words, and nibble my earrings. He was my best TV watching, book reading buddy (well, he ate the pages of my books while I read them).

One day, after my dad had mowed the lawn and concurrently drank about 10 beers, he walked out of the house with the budgie on his shoulder. The bird, being a clever little tyke, saw the big blue beyond and flew away.

I cried and cried and cried. So I guess, he counts.

4. At school were you teacher’s pet or hell raising rebel?
With an impertinent name like ‘Little Miss Moi’, do you really think I would be the teachers’ pet?

In one of my classes in ninth grade, I was sent out of the classroom so regularly for my excessive chit chat (and back chat), that the teacher installed a desk for me on the platform, right next to his desk. And that’s where I sat for the rest of the year.

5. What’s your favourite joke?
It’s not really a joke, it’s a Monty Python skit. Scroll down to see!If you want ME to interview YOU… then let me know – leave a comment in the comments box and I’ll send through some questions.

Sarahemily – thanks for my ‘quezzers’.


13 thoughts on “Five questions from mind the gap

  1. enidd has bucket-loads of sympathy for you sitting by teacher like that. she had one-on-one (oo err) further maths lessons in the sixth form and just sitting next to teacher in an otherwise empty room as bad enough.

    good answers!

  2. hahaha! I love your answers – but the cauliflower ear – I didn’t expect that first thing after eating my breakfast. Are you sure you’re not damaged in some way after having to sit next to that for so long?

  3. Dear beccy. Yeah, we would have rocked the place, and gotten a lot of detentions!

    Dear enidd. Yeah, teachers are scary. Particularly when they try to teach you like an adult.

    Dear mind the gap. By golly gosh, you’re eating breakfast rather late, are you not?

  4. I’m currently avoiding work and stumbled across your blog. I am familiar with cauliflower ears, given that I live in New Zealand and rugby is the national religion. But oh to click on a link and see that picture – almost made me wet my pants laughing. Nice job : )

  5. Why yes, I do accept your invitation for an interview, thank you. Hehe

    I’m afraid your questions need to be interesting, though, since I’m not. 😦

  6. OMG I am a “twiddler” as well, lol. It’s a bd habbit to get into isn’t it, I had a bald spot once when I was teenager from too much “twiddling”, lol. Lucky I don’t get too much time to twiddle these days :o)
    I would love to be interviewed if you have time :o)

  7. My youngest daughter twiddles with her hair and twists it into her ear. And she still does it at age almost 26

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