This one’s for Willowtree

If you’re wondering what all this is about, click over to Willow-treat and read his post, then his comments.

Welcome to Dorrigo!

A species that can only be found in Dorrigo

Species: Pissna flushturdum


17 thoughts on “This one’s for Willowtree

  1. Ah yes! Now that’s my kind of post. Did you read Sarahemily’s comment about the turtle head? I hadn’t heard the term before so I looked it up…very enlightening.

    PS. This may seem a coincidence, well actually it is a coincidence, but I used to work for Sydney Water, and one of the projects I was involved in required me to go to every treatment plant in the Sydney Metropolitan area.

    To my knowledge I’m one of only a dozen or so who have ever done it (go to every one that is).

  2. Oh, I almost forgot. When things went wrong at the treatment plants, the staff would continue working undeterred. (read it out loud).

  3. Dear willowtree. Yes, it was your shock at sarahemily’s comment that convinced me you truly would appreciate these photos. Sydney water hey? I’m so jealous that I haven’t been to all of the Sydney waste treatment plants.

  4. I love the lavatree! Terribly sorry to have caused Willow distress, but let’s treat it as cultural appreciation over word exchange (I’ve learnt exxy and shizen from you two so far)!

  5. that was my favorite joke when I was an itty bitty girl.

    Do you know how to take care of a turtle?

    “Yes, flush it down the toilet and a turtle take care of itself.”

  6. Dear sabrina. Yah, well, I always thought I was an artist deep down! Unfortunately, I just did the photo. The lavatory really was at the sewage works!

    Dear sarahemily. I’m sure willowtree is just putting on his so called ‘distress’ as an excuse to continue with posts about toilets, poos and turtles.

    Dear beccy. There’s never an excuse for not finding a lavatree at Dorrigo.

    Dear claudia. I’m sure you’d be able to take way better pics to do it justice! Another reason to visit Oz.

    Dear kila. Well, Australians love recycling… I’m just not sure if this is one step too far.

    Dear pamela. Hahahah way too many of these jokes are coming out of the woodwork!

    Dear sarahemily. Wow, you’re totally proving to be way too obsessed with turtles. Is there something you’d like to tell us all??

    Dear vicki! Oh no! Don’t do it on my blog!

    Dear melissa. Glad I could make you giggle.

    Dear chrisb. No offence to real turtles and turtle owners intended, I hope you realise… :o)

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