How to make a good first impression

Well, to put it simply:

Don’t be one and a half hours late to meeting your new bliend. When she’s waiting in the rain. Surrounded by about a zillion protesting Ukrainians. Who don’t mind drinking quite a bit of alcohol while protesting. And wildly waiting flagpoles. And she’s standing in amongst them. And the riot police are out.

That’s how to make a good first impression.

(And did I mention it was raining? And I was one and a half hours late? And it was windy and cold? Gosh, I’m a bad bliend. I’m drinking a glass of Crimean sparkling wine to make me feel much better, thank you very mush, I mean, much.)


13 thoughts on “How to make a good first impression

  1. Ha! You beat me to it LMM. You really are a bladdict. The fizz rather blanked out memories of wind and rain and scarey people and I am rather miffed that I have to pack my suitcase instead of drinking some more.

  2. LMM, one of the reasons I blog is for the new bliends I meet. It’s the modern version of sitting in the square talking about life with the other women of your town. Men, too, sometimes. I think it’s especially nice to find bliends who are not in your own age group! For me, that you and Sabrina and some others. My daughter and son are so busy building their lives that they really wouldn’t understand this form of friendship, but I enjoy it. I like learning about daily life in other parts of the world, too- first hand from the folks who live those lives!

  3. OK so if I ever get to meet you I will make sure I’m two hours late and that it is cold and rainy and in the middle of a revolution!

    I thought the Irish were bad at time keeping (another trait I’ve willingly latched onto) but one and a half hours?

  4. I found that when meeting a new bliend (Stephanie) it’s also advantageous to choose the smallest coffee shop ever created, especially when it’s too cool to sit on the patio and she’s been stuck in airports and airplanes half the day. Also I try to make sure the place has no parking for her rental car. If only there had been sparkling wine!

  5. lol. now you’re talking “sweetness and light”. tell beccy you did allude previously to your half iris/australian heritage or was it, after all, the stubborn scot in you that made you late.good to see a chink in that prozac armour of yours.
    ps or is it more appropriate to ask if they have A.A in kiev?lol

  6. Gee Sandrina must by psychic – how does she know that you have Scot in you??!! She probably would like you to have spoken about blaunties!!! I think she is trying to stir the pot a bit. LOM how come you were sooooo late – did you sleep in on a cold and rainy day??

  7. You are in fine company as beccy has already said this Irish lateness trait is alive and thriving.

    Thinks- ‘do you give a time that earlier than you want people to arrive knowing they will be late which is the time you really wanted them. Then is the person who doesn’t know the rule, who may arrive on time, the person who is showing bad manners’ !! I’m rambling

  8. Dear sarahemily. Yep, I’m a bladdict. And a blah-dict. Ahh.. fizz and it’s healing qualities.

    Dear luciluna. Yes, there’s not many men in the blworld is there? I’m glad you like reading about my disorganised old life.

    Dear beccy. Yes, do that. Sometimes I actually warn people that I’m always late. I was late when I met enidd. But not when I met Olechko. And now I was late with sarahemily. So if I meet you next, then I might be early (see the pattern?)

    Dear melissa. Hire car, shmire car. I wouldn’t think about that either, being a selfabsorbed non driver :o)

    Dear willowtreat. Shit! Can’t wait to meet you in that case.

    Dear sandrina. I might need to visit AA but I don’t have a prozac armour yet – perhaps you meant ‘prosaic’?

    Dear pamela. I know. She is a good bliend. 15 minutes? Blimey, you’re tough!

    Dear pam. You can read about it in the post above this one. If you’re really interested. And I think I’ve referred to the scot heritage previously… maybe. That’s why I won’t pay for a TypePad blog where I can block people who write too many messages!

    Dear chrisb. You might be rambling, but you’ve captured the train of thought I’ve gone down many times. I’ve often thought I need to tell people to meet me at 10:30 but imprint it in my brain as 10…. for example.

    Dear sabrina. Oh, we just came back to my flat, ate food and drank fizzy stuff! All the ingredients of a fun arvo.

    Dear karmyn. If you’re reading this response to your comment, then you’ve probably read about how the meeting went. And WT is stealing my thunder… oooops no pun intended.

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