Blisters and blends

I’ve previously alluded to my blog sisters – blisters – Sabrina and Beccy. Our blogs are triplets, but were born a few months apart.

And now, I have some blends! That’s right, blog friends. As in, real life friends (well, almost – I’m using today’s post as an opportunity to introduce you to someone I haven’t met yet but will be meeting soon!).

So far, I dusted off the passport and travelled to Molvania to meet enidd. We enjoyed drinking some shampanskoye from Molvania… or was that Moldova? Not sure, but they’re both prolific wine producing regions.

Then I met my Ukrainian art and style icon Olechko. We met in the park and drank a beer before trying to go to a gallery that was shut. Oh well – next time.

And now I have a new friend. Her name is ‘no i’m not a tree hugger but blah di blah‘ (we’ll have to think of a nickname for her cause I just can’t be a.r.c.e.d writing that every time). Well, you can tell from her URL that her name is sarahemily. A bit easier to type than noi’mnotatreehuggerbut…

The great news is she has a NEW blog! Well, it’s sort of new – she’s been squirreling away for the past month or so, writing lots of funny stories, and she’s now opened up her blog for our reading pleasure! And a pleasure it is.

At no i’m not a tree hugger but… you can expect some similar ‘everyday experiences’ that you’ve come to expect from moi. But unlike moi, sarahemily also has a conscience – as a result, she mulls over things like recycling in Kyiv, sustainable development and other things that I’m too selfish to think about.

So click on over and visit my new blend and leave her a comment of support. Remember, she’s living through the revolutsia too, so give her a word of encouragement; chin-up and all that palaver.

Welcome to blogosphere, sarahemily :o)


11 thoughts on “Blisters and blends

  1. ooh thank you for your welcome! haha I know my blog title is crap so if you come across some better suggestions please do wing them on. i am looking forward to meeting some new people or blends (great word!) and when you and I meet for our fizz session, I will have a total of THREE friends in Kiev. Aah the world is not that bad after all.

  2. what aload of crap and anyway what about blothers and blets and even blusbands- after all doesn’t Mr Moi have the most melodious voice which is music to little Miss Moi’s pretty pink ears! and anyway wouldn’t viva la revolution be a better blog name for your new bloody blister instead of not tree hugging? just a suggestion ladies!!

  3. I like this word with an alternate spelling: “bliends”…’cause it looks more like friends. Then again, it also looks like blindes with a little dyslexia, so maybe your way IS better after all.

    Fun having a face-to-face with your cyber pals. So far I’ve only done it once…my friends IRL just think I’m NUTS for blogging :/ :).

    Thanks for introducing us to Sarah :).

  4. LMM: this is totally unrelated, but I just set up a stats counter on my blog today and it is just the COOLEST thing ever!!!! whoah!!!!!!!! thanks to you, blister, for making it all known!!!

  5. Dear sarahemily. No worries. Looking forward to our little piece of Moldova on our ‘thank god it’s friday moment’. And by the sounds of it, if we’re in Shevchenko park, we’ll be able to hear the live band down at the protests 🙂

    Dear sabrina. No worries blister!

    Dear sandrina. Well, the revolution isn’t necessarily happening yet, and hopefully sarahemily’s blog will last longer than the end of May…

    Dear beccy. Not just a blogging pal, but a blister! I’m very jealous that you get to hang out with each other.

    Dear robin. I’m with you on bliends, actually. Not too easily dyslexic. Mr Moi thinks I’m a bit weird for blogging, but it’s turned out to be the best way to meet lovely, like-minded girls in Kyiv 🙂

    Dear sabrina. Well, kiss goodbye to your life! I shoudln’t have mentioned anything until you’ve moved – it’s addictive! Can you see me visiting (on the map)?

    Dear theotherbear. Yeah, it might be, but at least with the bloggers I’ve met here, you can kick off my talking about how frustrating life can be compared to US/Aus/GB/W.Europe, then compare shopping notes (well, I go to Furshet to get baking powder, and I go to MegaMarket to get bacon). You have no idea how many hours that can take up!

    Dear Pamela. Not really scary. I’ve met so many new people in the past six months – at least when I meet my bliends, I already have an insight into their personality :o)

  6. enidd is dead chuffed with the shoutout, thanks lmm! and now she’s back in molvania (where the weather is a bit poo) and blogistan (where the sun from her vfriends always shines) shall we share more molvanian fizz?

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