The flags are out

Have you ever wondered what the Ukrainian flag looks like? Well, it’s blue and yellow…

Today, lawmakers have gone to the Constitutional Court to vote on whether the President acted constitutionally when he dissolved Parliament.

Here are some photos of the party supporters outside the Constitutional Court. I drew the line a photographing the riot police – they looked a little scary (but they weren’t doing anything, I’m just a big chicken).

See David Beckham in the next couple of photos? He’s making sure things stay calm on the street.

There’s an array of colours out today – the blue guys are barracking for PM Yanukovych, and some I think also barrack for Yulia Tymoshenko (the former PM), who is now a Yanukovych ally. I think she also has a pink flag army, but I didn’t notice them today.

The red flags – well, not sure exactly who they’re barracking for, but no explanation is needed, really…

The orange guys are on the side of the President Yushchenko. The white building in the background is the Constitutional Court.

The Council was well equipped to deal with the supporters/protesters, having placed about 10 port-a-loos out on the street.

The smell, I tell you, was like roses.


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