Locked out on Easter sunday

Yesterday, I did something very silly.

While at a friend’s place enjoying lunch, Mr Moi and his mate retired to the closed-in balcony to enjoy a beer. I thought I’d be funny and lock them out.

I obviously don’t know my own strength, because I snapped the door handle clean off. And the bad news is, there’s no door handle on the other side of the door. And no window. And no other door off the balcony.

They were stuck. And try as we might, we just couldn’t open that door with our hands.

Here’s a picture of Mr Moi’s friend, Rabbitoh, with the broken door and handle sitting rather fuzzily in the foreground.

If you’re wondering why Rabbitoh doesn’t look terribly concerned about the snapped off door handle and his ‘stuck’ position, it’s because he has a beer. If the beer had run out, I’m sure it would have been a different scenario altogether.

On the other hand, Rabbitoh’s fiancee Mrs Rab and I, were in a panic.

While we waited for salvation in the form of a wrench (being brought over by Mrs Rab’s dad), I felt the need to send the boys some messages of encouragement.

Unfortunately, the double-glazed door made it a little hard to actually hear any talking on the other side. So I had to resort to other means.

Yes, friends, that’s Little Miss Moi in the flesh (looking a lot more squishy eyes and wrinkly that she thought she did), with a message for the boys.

It’s important to get priorities right here.

When Mrs Rab’s dad arrived with his wrench and set the boys free, what better way to celebrate than to have a quick drink.

Hands, clockwise from centre: Mr Moi, Rabbitoh, Mrs Rab and her dad. LMM hands do not appear in this picture.


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