I counted. I was on a plane for 24 hours.

Because I was sitting at the back of the plane, I didn’t get my shit together quick enough to actually get off when it stopped in Bangkok. As a result, I sat in my seat and took photos while the Thai people cleaned the plane.

The whole trip, I was one of three people subjected to broken video screens in our seats. The other two people were on either side of me. Thanks British Airways, for making me feel terribly unimportant and not upgrading me, apologising or even bothering to tell me that they acknowledged my broken screen. BA – you suck.

It was a long trip home…


14 thoughts on “Jetlag

  1. 24 hours on a plane, you poor thing. I hope you were wearing those super duper anti deep vein thrombosis socks?

  2. I want to see the pictures of the Thai people cleaning the plane. Pretty Please with Sugar on top?

    I’m glad you are home safe and sound. Well… almost sound. snort

  3. 24 hours – sucky!!!

    I’ve done 12 straight hours before and thought I was going to lose my mind. (that was obviously nothing compared to a full day)

  4. welcome home.
    Now that you’re back I’m taking off. Just flying by the seat of my pants, tho. No jets. (well I hope not, seeings that I mentioned my pants.)

  5. I remember my trip abroad to the UK…oversold the flight..I got to sit first class..and every plane ride since, I’ve been disappointed…ah, if only everyone could sit first class, eh?

  6. Glad you made it. The long journeys are tough – I once did a 36 hour journey, but 24 hours on a plane wins. Welcome home.

  7. The only good thing about the back seat is that no aeroplane has ever been reported as having backed into a mountain. However I think it would have been pretty miserable withouth movies and games!! Good to have you back home with Mummy & Daddy Moi. How were the Eggs Benedict this morn!!!

  8. I can’t imagine 24 hrs on a plane the longest I’ve flown is to the states and the last couple of hours really dragged by.

  9. Dear vee. Thanks, thanks. Glad you’re not lurking (haha nah, you’re good).

    Dear beccy. No! I didn’t have any! But.. I was wearing pantyhose. So same diff, really?

    Dear vicki. See next post… Although they’re not piccies of people. Those ones didn’t turn out because the Thai cleaners moved so fast, they were blurry.

    Dear enidd. Yes I did have my iPod, it was a bit of a saviour. And I read lots of magazines. Of course, didn’t make a dent in any of the four books I’d brought along in case my video screen was broke.

    Dear Karmyn. I could have gotten off. I just faffed around and didn’t get my crap together in time, so was stuck on the plane!

    Dear melissa. I agree. I’m still planning to write a cranky pants letter to them… Get an upgrade for the way home hehe (I doubt it will work though).

    Dear theotherbear. Sure did, but it took til I asked the fifth person for anything to get done. Then they tried to fix the screen in Bangers and they couldn’t. So just bad luck really.

    Dear claudia. I know, so noisy and so bumpy down there!

    Dear pamela. Hehehee I’m sure it’s not jet powered!

    Dear no. Can you please send some of your luck my way? That’s what I hope for every time I fly. Only ever happened once on a domestic flight – 1 hour in biz class, woop de doo.

    Dear mark. I’d be interested to find out where you went for 36 hours. Actually, if I hadn’t stopped in London, the total time, flights and transit, would have been about 40 hours to Brissie direct. Ugh.

    Dear mum. You know I loved the eggs benedict yumyumyum. I’m very lucky to have such a good cookin’ (and good lookin’) mum.

    Dear chrisb. Yes, the last hours do drag, especially when you have a loved one waiting for you at the other end!

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