Tip for flying…

When the flight attendant offers you a newspaper, perhaps say no. Particularly if you know there was a big plane crash the day before.

Because there’s nothing worse than having jiggly nerves anyway, then opening up a screaming tabloid like The Daily Mail to see a photo of a burnt out 737 in vivid colour. And worse is going this when you’re sitting on a plane 40,000 feet in the air.


13 thoughts on “Tip for flying…

  1. enid feels very sympathetic, even though hardly any planes crash these days – only one in ten or so, and then only on long haul flights. fingers crossed!

  2. Having just been on a domestic flight (pics posted yesteday), I truly understand your pain. I have 7 days before I have to board another one and I always refuse to watch the tube or read the papers 12 hours prior.
    Sorry I’ve not been visiting lately but my trip turned into a little more than I bargained for.

  3. O yah that would make your day.my daugther and her hubby watched plane crashes on TV for about week before they were to go on a trip.my daugther was a nevous reck.
    God bless have a great week.

  4. Dear all. Yes I was on the plane when I read this. And my nerves are never fully steeled when I’m flying in the FSU, even if it’s on a reputable airline like British Airways (I’m convinced they send their shitty aircraft to Kyiv). Anyway, I snapped the paper shut and thought lots of happy thoughts….

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