Love yourself. Love your woman more…

Today, much of the FSU celebrates International Women’s Day. This day is a holiday to honour the institution that is woo-man, and also saves the men and kids from celebrating mother’s day.

IWD is the one day in Ukraine where women can expect to put up their feet, and have everything done for them by the men in their lives. And because men can’t multitask, which in this case means keeping a job and treating their woman good, IWD is a public holiday.

Yesterday the streets and underpasses of Kyiv were a-frenzied with flower selling activities; in fact, I saw some old babushkas brining more up from the metro at about 3pm. Offices finished up work for the day at about 4pm, offering employees drinks and food in honour of the fairer sex. By 5pm, there wasn’t a woman on the streets who didn’t have a bunch of flowers in their hand.

I have also heard it said that IWD is the day that women can expect their men to take the stinky, rotten old Christmas tree out and put it on the dumpster (well, it IS the one day men will do something around the house).

The Ukrainian government declared last Saturday a working day, allowing workers to take the IWD holiday on Thursday, then another holiday on Friday.

As a result, we’re de-camping to Britain for a little bit of sanity.

And I got a bit overexcited when I booked my tickets, because I’m managed to book me all the way through to Sydney. This means that I’ll be away for three weeks. I need to be at the airport in three hours. And I haven’t started to pack.

It also means that, after I depart on Monday, I miss all of Tuesday, arriving in Sydney on Wednesday. Sad really.

So, I promise you dear readers, I shall be writing fairly bland stuff about how excited I am to eat real food, and use real money, and hear real language being spoken. I just may not get around to it every day.

See youse soon,
Little Miss Moi.


19 thoughts on “Love yourself. Love your woman more…

  1. little miss moi said “I shall be writing fairly bland stuff about how excited I am to eat real food, and use real money, and hear real language being spoken.”

    enid retorts, “but that’s only for a few days. you’re leaving for oz on monday.”

  2. Dear enid. Bah! I was only going to write about these good things once I’d left the land of the fish and chip and the Really Expensive Monopoly Money and re-entered the real world, Oz.

  3. How exciting I would love to book a flight to the UK which would take me on to Sydney!

    Enjoy the trip, I’ll look forward to the tipbits that fall from your table!

  4. Well, sure! As long as you’re going to Britain, might as well go home at the same time, right? šŸ™‚

    And did I read you correctly? You weren’t packed, you had to be at the airport in three hours, and you were blogging? That’s dedication, I tell ‘ya!

    Sounds like fun! Hope you have a great time. šŸ™‚

  5. have a great trip. I look forward to your return and stories of real food, real money, and having conversations you understand.

    In honor of IWD I bought Lykra in a box from QVC at 5 am. Yes I like to celebrate.

  6. I’ll wave if I see you around the city next week. Have a safe trip. Wow, they sure make a big deal of IWD over there, eh? I didn’t hear a peep about it here.

  7. I thought I was the only one who knew about International Women’s Day due to my mom’s penchant for writing down trivia in my baby book. (Let’s just say it’s not really international here in the states.) But I get the same treatment by default because it’s my birthday. šŸ˜‰

    I hope you have a great time! Does this mean we’re going to get a vegemite post when you get back?

  8. Wow, and WOW! I’d be overexcited, too! What a wonderful trip! What an adventure! Worth losing Tuesday for, I’d say. Won’t it be interesting to see “home” through your new eyes! Enjoy. Please do blog, because I bet you’ll have insights galore! And hopefully, good food and fun!

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