Fun Monday # 7: The world’s shortest novel.


As she emerged from the lift and sat down, a bright spark from the welding in the ground floor apartment renovations ruptured her retina and she was forced to stumble out of the room and across the road in search of an opthamologist; but, as she made her way blindly across the street, she was hit by a car and whisked away to hospital – so it didn’t matter that she didn’t find an opthamologist that day, as they fixed her eye anyway, but she never played the violin again.


It’s fun Monday! Today’s fun Monday is hosted by Min at MamaDrama. Visit Min’s blog to see the full list of participants this week.

The challenge, should we have chosen to accept it, was to…

Write the worst opening sentence that you can come up with and accompany this atrocity with a photo of your setting, a character or a bit of action that relates to the opening line or (for those who do not have a camera) a written description of same.

Seeing as I ruptured my retina, I couldn’t see well enough to post an appropriate pic – sorry!

Next week’s Fun Monday is hosted by beccy.

** Update
Okay okay. Here’s a photo to go with the story, for all those critics out there, and story has been amended slightly to fit.


20 thoughts on “Fun Monday # 7: The world’s shortest novel.

  1. At first I thought you meant she was DEAD and her eye didn’t matter after all. In fact, I think you should re-write it and kill her off!

    ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ve got some kind of violent streak going, which is funny, because I don’t have a violent bone in my body (except in traffic…).

  2. You poor thing, hope your eye is alright.

    Surely you didn’t have to go to all the effort of rupturing your retina to gain inspiration?

  3. Good (bad) one!
    I’m finding a curious trend of bodily harm and gross body things with these bad opening sentences!

  4. There’s no “drama in real life” surrounding this novel, right?
    I’m impressed that you managed to fit a complete novel in one sentence, and made it so interesting. . .

  5. it could happen……….
    I’m glad she didn’t die, because one of the other sentences did kill someone under a bus I think.

  6. Dear enid. yep. Twas fun, da?

    Dear joeinvegas. OK OK I posted a pic.

    Dear bethany. Yes, I am glad her eye was fixed too.

    Dear jenny. Darn min. It’s a hard one!

    Dear robin. Oh no, a deathly streak. Well, the hero was modelled on moi so I didn’t want to jinx…

    Dear beccy. Not quite rupturing the retina but stay tooned…

    Dear lisa. Well, if everyone is like me, they have faced potential bodily harm lately!

    Dear sabrina. Not quite so dramatic, but it’s based on reality…

    Dear pamela. I’m not sure I could kill anyone off, it’s just too sad. Even if they are imaginary.

    Dear stephanie. I think after you read this, I added that she couldn’t play violin again. Which isn’t really happily ever after…

    Dear chrisb. Yes, I think beccy and I are twins cause I wrote it like that then realised she’d done the same!

    Dear margaret. Thanks, hopefully it IS mission accomplished as per min’s instructions.

    Dear willowtree. No I didn’t hurt my eye but COULDA – story to follow.

    Dear mum. No I didn’t. I will see all those lovely shops and good food just fine, thanks.

    Dear karmyn. I’m glad it didn’t really happen cause it sounds painful, doesn’t it??

    Dear jenn. Well. I, I mean, she, couldn’t really play the violin anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    Dear no. Yes, this is a picture of me. Taken about six months ago, it’s the best one I could find to randomly fit the story.

  7. Dear Little Miss, Me likey the re-write :). Something about the violin is music to my ears. But, OH NO! if this was written because of something similar happening to YOU!

    Looking forward to hearing the “rest of the story”.

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