Now THAT’s a sausage

I’ve learned that there are some days, as an expat, you just want to curl up and not face the world.

For me, today was one of those days.

Today I was strangely compelled to sit on the couch and do nothing but watch the telly and eat a bit of junk food.

(Or, more truthfully, I had to catch up on about a million Fun Monday posts).

So instead of depressing you with the reasons why I didn’t want to front up to the world today (in fact, there isn’t a reason), I thought I’d show you a picture of what we had for dinner last night.

This is half of a Ukrainian sausage.

I’ve seen some curly sausages in my day – I have many a Zimbabwean and South African friend who’s treated me to the delights of boerewors over the years (and yes, it’s a very yummy sausage. Good for camping, and brekky).

Here in Ukraine, there are lots of sausages available, always of the piggy persuasion, and always laced with a shizen-load of fat. So far, we’ve resisted the temptation to purchase, but when we decided to make a yummy risotto that calls for Italian pork sausages, we decided to brave the Ukie snag.

After we’d lugged the snag home and pulled it out to start the risotto, we were very surprised to find that, contrary to any other sausage we’ve ever eaten, this snag wasn’t made with minced meat – rather, chunks of pork, and chunks of fat.

We used half the sausage for the risotto, and had to eat the other half for dinner last night.

The photo shows ‘the other half’. It was seriously the most giant and chunkiest sausage I have ever seen.

Do you want to take a closer look? Here goes…

What do you think? That’s some sausage…


23 thoughts on “Now THAT’s a sausage

  1. Wow that is one huge sausage (that could sound a bit rude if you were a man)!

    I wonder could you fit a whole one in a pan? (sausage that is).

  2. Bentley makes ones that like that. Except his are usually a bit darker.

    I don’t know why I’m making fun of it, I love those big fat ruskie snags.

  3. It’s certainly big, but it doesn’t sound too appetising (chunks of meat and fat? Pass!). I guess it’s true what they say about quality not quantity.

  4. A few years ago I ate breakfast at a strange local diner with some friends, one of whom ordered pigs in a blanket – and the pigs were, to my horror, about that size around. It looked much more like bratwursts in a sleeping bag.

    I admire you for living the expat life – I would probably hide much more than you do.

  5. I was thinking along the lines of WT. I’ve seen those on the parking from time to time. Not sure if I could eat one myself… Chunks of fat?

  6. Dear beccy. Yes, it could be a big naughty. It was an experiment, I wanted to see how people would interpret the sausage! heheh not really. It was just bloody HUGE and really… sausagey!

    Dear Karmyn. No, the chunks of fat were icky. I pulled them out. Besides that, though, the chucks of pork were nice, as it’s such a lean meat.

    Dear willowtree. You’re such a boy to make that comment. But, does Bentley make them all neat and spiraly? I didn’t know he was a sausage maker, like Kel from Kath and Kim.

    Dear theotherbear. OK not appetising to us BUT, I will point you towards this description of one of Ukraine’s favourite snacks – so favourite, in fact, it’s almost not a snack, but a pasttime. Salo!

    Dear pumpernickel. It actually did taste okay, there wasn’t a lot of flavour other than pork and fat, but there was pepper which I like, and lots of salt. So, certainly not inedible…

    Dear melissa. Bratwurst in a sleeping bag sounds not only funny, but yummy! I’m sad I missed it.

    Dear uncle mark. I’m not surprised you were thinking along the lines of willowtree. You’re both boys. Actually, did taste okay.

    Dear samantha louise. Oh dear oh dear. I hope you accidentally walked into the boys loo, rather than a boy walking into the girls loo…

    Dear claudia. Back in the day when I watched what I ate, I didn’t eat sausage either. But here, anything goes.

    Dear pamela. Snag sure is an AUssie term. A snag is what you put on the barbie. E.g. “Throw a couple of snags on the barbie”. MmmmMMMm

  7. Ooohh, you are awful, but I like you!! That saussage reminds me of something . . where have I seen that before?? Hmmm???

  8. It’s kind of like watching a train wreck…it makes you want to stare!

    I bet it smelled good, but I would’ve resisted buying it, too.

    “Chunks of pork”, etc. sound like what I was dealing with a few weeks ago when my kids caught a nasty stomach virus… “Chunks” of anything food related sounds…a bit sketchy, lol.

    Unless it’s chunks of chocolate or ice cream…then it might be okay 😉 :).

  9. I completely understand those days when you just curl up on the couch and do not want to get out for anything. . .
    Thanks for sharing the sausage!

  10. Dear erik. Perhaps it reminds you of a german bratwurst…?

    Dear robin. Very much like a train wreck. YOu can’t help looking, and you can’t help eating either… Though I don’t think I will ever use ‘chunks’ as an adjective again!!

    Dear sabrina. If anyone feels like a fish out of water as I do, I figured it would be you! Here’s to living in Cork n’ Kyiv!

    Dear Zandria. It was far more appetising when we cut it up and put it in our risotto. To be honest, we cooked it and threw a bit of it out.

    Dear vicki. Har har to think that a sausage can mock someone! I’ll be giggling over that for a while!

  11. Nice sausage chicky. We had sausages on tuesday night and I have done a post on them. Weird coincidence, or are we thinking on the same page?

    I wish I had the time to just veg out. Lucky girl. For me it’s a never ending trail of boxes, that seem to appear from nowhere, that need to be unpacked. Ahhhhhhhhhh

  12. Dear amelita. Your sausages looked much yummier than my sausages! And I’m not talking dirty hehehe.

  13. I think all the sausage jokes have been done but what a mighty example. Hubby would be envious ( I mean because sausages are one of his favourite meals of course)

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