Fun Monday # 2 (well, it is for me)

** Fun Monday update: For those of you still doing the rounds, my friend carpetblogger was an unofficial Fun Monday entrant. Check out her Instanbul blogging environment (she has the best looking support staff in town).

Welcome to my second ever Fun Monday!

Today’s Fun Monday is brought to you by my compatriot, Willowtree, and for the full list of participants this week, you can visit him at A Dingo’s got my Barbie. I encourage you to visit, there’s free vegemite sandwiches at the door. (Not really, but there should be).

The theme for this week’s fun Monday is ‘blogging environment’. This is fairly easy for me, seeing as I have an apartment the size of a shoe box. I have a living room, bedroom, teeny tiny kitchen and a bathroom. Not much choice really.

But I also have a laptop computer and wireless internet (not exactly reliable), so my blogging environment could really by anywhere within my 50 squares.

Mostly, though, my ‘computer room’ is the one that is also the telly room, the reading room, and, if we had a piano, it would be the piano room too.

Here’s a picture of my blogging environment:

Jaw-dropping, isn’t it? To afford you a closer look at my ‘desk’, I took another picture from a slightly different angle:

Notice the crochet nana-rug on my knees? Not only did I make it myself, but I hoiked it all the way to Ukraine to keep me warm. And they still haven’t really fixed up the heating so I’m using it this morning.

Now, let’s examine my desk in greater detail. Firstly, my mouse-pad. It’s a small coffee-table book about Australia. “What’s it doing on your desk?” you ask. Ay, there’s the rub. My desk isn’t a desk per se, rather, and this will shock you, it’s a coffee table.

See the two glasses next to the computer? That’s the remnants of last nights coupla glasses of Georgian red wine.

Underneath the desk there are a number of magazines, and a couple of hard drives to play music from. My speakers? They’re built into the computer of course. And all the computer cords, when not in use, conveniently tuck away into the footstool you see in the backgrounds of the pics.

The true beauty of this position is that I can type at the computer, and without moving my head, I can also watch telly.

Talk about an assault of the senses.

So, that was a rather mediocre post, was it not?

Here’s something to get you excited. Sunrise in Kyiv from the living room window you see shining in the photos above.

First, the sun just peeking over the buildings across the road…

Then a little more…

Then a little more than the one before….

Then even more than the one before and the one before that….

And finally way more than the one before x(times) four…
(Well, how the heck else can you commentate a sunrise?)

Have a great fun Monday. Love Little Miss Moi xx

PS Can you see the reflection of my in my pink pyjamas in the door?


39 thoughts on “Fun Monday # 2 (well, it is for me)

  1. What a cozy spot to blog from. I think it’s an optical illusion, but my first thought was to tell you to close the window with the sheer blowing in the wind. The sunrise is gorgeous, and the buildings across the street make me miss living somewhere with buildings that are more than a hundred years old.

  2. oh you narrated it just fine…

    tis past my bedtime so I can’t come up with some exciting quip to share and make your day.

    However, it was interesting that the coffee table had EVERYTHING BUT coffee on it.


  3. Hey you did as good a job as possible with what you have available. A bit condescending I know, but I just came from Mark and Pamela’s and they set an unbelievably high standard.

    Just kidding, it’s much better than a lot of places I’ve called home, plus it’s an adventure.

  4. Dear all. I just realised that you might think that furniture is MINE?? Well, it’s not. It’s our landlords. We turned up here with three suitcases and a computer bag. Following us was some clothes, kitchen stuff and books.


    Thank you.

  5. The similarities continue little miss moi, I too live in a shoe box although on reflection I think I might live in a boot box!

    I’m also currently blogging in my pjs.

    I have a crochet blanket but I didn’t make it, my Mum’s friends made it for her as a wedding present and it is so cosy and warm.

    Lovely sunrise.

  6. Dear uncle mark. It is a bit of an optical illusion – there’s a teeny alcove there where the door opens to the balcony. I do have to say, the buildings look better as silhouettes as they do in the sun.

    Dear pamela. You and mark are racing! And when I saw you commented, I did think it was past your bedtime. Get thee to bed and a good sleep. You’re right about the coffee – the mug is actually on the ground by the chair next the the window. YOu can see it in one of the pics…

    Dear willowtree. Thanks for condescending to visit moi πŸ˜› I’ll have to hit the landlords up for a mega telly screen like pamela’s, or a nice monitor like uncle Mark’s.

    Dear vee. hahahah you make me laugh. Yeah, funny I can multitask at the blogging and computing at the same time. I knew what ya meant…

    Dear beccy. Wow we must be long lost twins. I’m jealous you have a boot box. I guess we should both be glad we don’t live in a hat box! The crochet blankies are the best, they are snuggly and warm.

    Dear very nice man. YOu’re not going to get a photo out of me that easy! You’ll hafta keep trying πŸ™‚

  7. I like the idea of cosy blogging, and I see beccy has already mentioned my crochet blanket that she now has. It was made by a friend who trained as a nurse with me. I so wanted to be able to crochet but never really mastered it.

  8. Love the piok p.j.’s. And the rug. And the sunrise narrative. And the empty wine glasses…Just love it all. Great account of your blogging environment.

  9. Taking photos of the sunrise? Why are you up so early?? πŸ™‚

    If I were to take a photo of the place where I blog, it would be a picture of my bed. Because I don’t have a computer desk, and that’s the room where I stow my laptop (and the internet isn’t wireless, so it stays connected to the wall!). Speaking of which, I do have a picture of my bed.

    And I like your blanket!

  10. Love the crocheted blanket–jealous because the art of crochet evades me. . . have to stick with the knitting. Very cozy space!

  11. Dear chrisb. It’s sooo easy to crochet blankets. If I can figure out a creative way to post instructions, I will do it. Trust me, it’s so easy to do that you can do it AND watch telly at the same time. Unless you’re a bloke (which I know you’re not), because they can’t multitask heh heh heh.

    Dear swampy. Thanks! I’m glad you made it over despite your busy travelling. Well, I say home is where the computer and the wine glasses are (even though they’re not really wine glasses). Not as beautiful as your view but the window here has its charms.

    Dear zandria. Your bedroom reminds me of mine back in Oz. We had about 500 books there, and every night I would go to my ‘library’ and get about three books to browse through in bed. And of course, the pile would build up. Once I week I took about 30 books out of the bedroom and back to the bookshelf. As for the sunrise – Mr Moi couldn’t sleep for some reason, so he woke me up, and once i was up, he went back to sleep. Bastard.

    Dear sabrina. You must be kidding. Knitting is harder than crochet – I know, cause I do both – so you can defo crochet! Refer to my message above to chrisb and my potential upcoming online crochet lessons (hmmm what am I getting myself into…?) You’re both on my list.

    Dear melissa. Hey we should start a couch bloggers club. I wonder if anyone would decamp to their couch specifically to join us, cause we’re so cool?? hmm….

  12. Little miss moi, there is a photo of a rutabaga on my blog – the recipes one – just for you! In the process of finding one, I learned that rutabagas are also called swedes. My favorite rutabaga reference is from Frank Zappa – I think the song is Brown Shoes Don’t Make It, but I am not sure. He sings
    ee ga
    ba ay

    (imagine pitch rising appropriately) 4 times, and then

    ru ay

  13. Dear luciluna. Don’t worry about the formatting. We have quite a few Frank Zappa albums so now I have the lyrics to do a bit of karaoke tonight! I’ll pop over and have a look at your rutabaga – but I do call them swedes. And I love them – they are a must for any soup or casserole. MMmmm MMM up there with my other favourites, parsnips. Oh YUM.

  14. Dear Little Miss Moi,

    Are those orange walls I see? Or yellow? It’s hard to tell given the lighting. I realize they came with the landlord, too, I’m just wondering. That whole creativity being spurred on by color thing you mentioned….

    I try to multi-task, blogging when I’m watching a movie or tv, but it’s s l o w going. No way I can speed blog with distractions!

    I think your smallish area is quite cozy, and with that view, conducive to happy blogging. Please continue ;).

  15. Greetings from Wisconsin. Thanks for sharing your sunrise. (I’m not a morning person and haven’t witnessed one in a while.)

    I think your “computer room” looks quite cozy. I like the drapes and the color on the walls…

    I guess I better do my Fun Monday post.

  16. Yes, I see your pink jammies…but more importantly, I see SUNSHINE! I have been without sun for days and days (and days upon days…) Wet, dreary and even a bit of snow here in the great northWET part of the US =(

    Thank you for sharing that ray of sun…

  17. pretty pictures,your home is did a good job on fun monday.I forgot about it and only remembered when I visited the very nice man.God bless.

  18. Dear robin. Actually, the walls are lime green. I took the photos in a hurry in the morning and didn’t even think to reset the white balance on my whiz bang camera. But my old work had orange walls so I think I got enough then to keep me going for a couple of years. When that’s run out, I’ll storm your place! And, it’s ok, speed bloggers can be excused from multitasking πŸ™‚

    Dear momto3cubs. Oh I’m not a morning person either. Hence the evidence – I had to take photos to prove I was there! Here’s to making a night of it! I hope wisconsin is not too cold brr.

    Dear nikki. Yes the buildings are nice. Kyiv is a very quaint town, imagine krakow, warsaw or prague before there were enough tourists to make them want to clean it up. So it’s quite rustic, and VERY different from Oz!

    Dear bethany! Woo hoo! You can be club secretary in honour of being the first desk defector. Good on ya mate.

    Dear Amy W. I’ll share a secret – when I am multitasking, I’m not necessarily that good at doing both either. But that’s just between you and me.

    Dear karmyn. Ohhh sorry! That’s why they’re so wrapped up. They have been really demanding of warmth lately hehe.

    Dear mary. I have never heard it called an afghan before. Is that the proper name? Cool! I always just call it a nana-rug.

    Dear jenny. Just remember: once you go pink, you don’t rethink.

    Dear samantha louise. THe rug would be perfect for your melbourne winters. If you want to learn how to crochet a new one with GROOVY colours, make sure you tune into my online lesson when I figure out how to teach.

    Dear Tracey. Oh no luv, I’m holding onto my sushine. I’m not gonna sent it your way just yet. It’s only been sunny here for about a week, before that it was three months of GREY! uurrrgghh. Maybe by next week I’ll be sick of it, and I’ll shoo it over to you :o)

    Dear melissa. I am so down with the couch shaped button it’s not funny.

    Dear leann. You might not have done fun monday, but at least you gave us your grandson’s big grin!

    Dear min. Okay, we’ll loosen the rules. Surely you can fit a beanbag in the loo? Or.. we can classify the ‘loo’ as a ‘throne’ (which is what my nana calls it) and therefore, akin to a couch, though a little colder and harder. In which case, you can be in.

  19. Dear little Miss Moi:
    Please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please, please can we have a photo of you in your pink pyjamas!!
    (Is that trying enough??

  20. little miss moi, brilliant post. enid felt all ashamed she’d not tried harder.

    love the decor too. enid thinks you said it’s all your own work, is that right? πŸ˜‰

  21. Dear very nice man. Okay, one day when I’m looking super bewdiful in my pink PJs, I will take a pic. And post it for you. The only other one I have is in London at 6am and my eyes are swollen from a combination of drinking too much French wine the night before, and sleeping only 3 hours. Not pretty.

    Dear enid. To borrow your phrase Bah! Are you digging in the heel because I didn’t move from my chair to do my piccies? Hey, I’m a low maintenance gal (wow. That took me about 20 tries to spell).

    And yes. The decor is all mine πŸ™‚ Do you want me to interior design your new place, since you love my taste so much? We’ll have to shop now, cause all the prettiest stuff is in Molvania…

  22. ahhhh beautiful.

    Does a breeze come through those curtains?

    I’m going to start calling my Den “The Telly Room.” Ohh I like the sound of that.

  23. Dear vicki. Yes! Telly, and brekky. Two important components of a day. I’m not sure if the breeze comes through the door, as I’ve only been here in autumn and winter. I’ll let you know in a couple of months. We’re up high, though, so wouldn’t be surprised…

    Dear claudia. Yes, it’s not a bad place, except for the cold. Which is precisely why I’m escaping to Australia for two weeks next month πŸ™‚

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