If you want a haiku, leave a comment…

Dear my fwends

I went out for dinks tonigth. I got a bit pished.

Love LMM xo*(^xo


I got so excited about my competition that I started my prizes after half a day, not a whole day.

The competition is still open. Submit you answer to… “you know it’s time to wear thermals when…”

Haiku in your honour will appear within 24 hours. Give me something to work with!


9 thoughts on “If you want a haiku, leave a comment…

  1. I have to agree with Jenny – I have no idea when to wear thermals – even when I go skiing in Switzerland I DON’T. hello from Mummy Moi

  2. Have you seen this Haiku before?

    To sum up feelings
    In seventeen syllables
    Is very diffi-

    It’s one of my old favourites. I think it’s time to wear thermals at 2:30pm. Because that is when you chinese people have to go to the dentist.

  3. Dear Little Miss Moi~

    Word of advice…don’t blog after drinking…it has regret written all over it :/.

    Not that I speak from experience or anything. (I actually commented in french on someone’s blog after a few glasses of wine, and…….I DON’T SPEAK FRENCH!)

  4. Dear robin. Hahaha that made me really laugh. ROFLMAO even though I never use those abbreviations. Indeed, that’s something I would do. As I’m getting older too, I notice my capacity for remembering what I’ve done while drinking has decreased. Now, as soon as I have my first sip, I canna remember a thing! Especially french. Or russki.

    Dear olechko. Oh yes, I have been wearing the thermals and defrosting quite well. It’s still cold out there today – I need to get a mega jacket like Mr Moi has, I’ve decided. I’m going to hit the shops this week!

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