Fun monday part II: my precious things

This week’s fun monday is hosted by karmyn and the topic is precious possessions. And so to start…

In August, Mr Moi and I made some very hard decisions. Examining our measly possessions, we had to decide what to bring to Ukraine (the bare minimum), what to store in Oz (anything worth anything), and what to chuck in the bin/give away (pretty much everything).

During this time, I learned how easy it was to chuck stuff out. So easy – just put it in the bin or give it to charity. We threw out so much stuff… and unfortunately, I was bitten by the chuck-out bug, and threw out two-thirds of my beloved knee sock collection.

I had about 30 pair of knee socks. I’ve whittled this down to a collection of about 10. I’ve collected these over a period of time, mostly from Australia, Japan and some recent additions from France. They are precious to me.

Yes, they are very beautiful. I especially love the ones at the far left, aqua with white polka dots. These were brought back to me from Japan. And I found the pink socks with the stars at the trader’s markets in Sydney. They had a sister pair – black socks with white stars, which looked great with my black one-star converse sneakers. But Mr Moi forced me to dispose of both after a week of camping in the rain with no other shoes or socks.

The stripey socks were purchased for me by a former colleague. They are my ‘corporate’ knee socks, as they were deemed acceptable to wear to work. My other socks weren’t acceptable, but I wore them anyway.

My other prized possessions are my accessories. I don’t wear makeup, but I love earrings and all that flippy girlie stuff. Much to my mother’s dismay however, not one piece is made from a precious metal, except maybe a bit of silver. And none contain precious stones. And my average accessory usually retails around the $5-mark.

Here’s a picture of my accessories.

Oh, I don’t wear the pink padlock at the front. But you have to admit that a pink padlock is rather special, so it’s kept with my special accessories.

Here’s a picture of my socks and accessories together.

If you notice, nothing matches. That’s because I never match. It’s just too hard to co-ordinate clothes with socks and shoes and accessories.

Last but not least. Drum-roll please…

My final prized possession has travelled with me everywhere. Mr Moi wants to throw it out. I have to hide it from him. It’s covered my head in south east asian temples, been a frenchie-style neck tie in cool clubs in Montreal, and now it’s acting as an ear-warmer in Kyiv.

It’s my red bandanna.

Purchased for 50 cents at Vinnies at Nundah in 1997, it’s our ten year anniversary this year. I love you red bandanna.

And so ends my first fun monday. I hope you enjoyed it.


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