Fun monday part I

Dear all. I am new to fun Monday. I am feeling the pressure. If I didn’t have a Russian lesson to cram for today, I would post before midnight my time.

Being from Australia, however, I should be genetically conditioned to cater to my readers there. I should be thinking forward. However, I’m not good at that at the best of times.

Fun monday is coming. The day is 24 hours long…


6 thoughts on “Fun monday part I

  1. Like you, I am feeling the pressure, too! I was going to photograph my cute bum, which I am very fond of but I thought this would excite you too much!!

  2. Hello!
    Best greetings to Kyiv!I learnt russian language over 5 years at my school time.It´s a difficult language and the most words I forgot now over the years!

    Have a nice day!

  3. I’ll be back… computer had difficulties this morning, so I wondered if I’d be able to write–or read–anything!

    I wanted to wait to post mine until it was totally complete, but since I’m having to wait on sleeping children to get up, I went ahead and posted what I had so far.

    This probably makes NO sense, but it will if you read it ;).

  4. Dear very nice man. Well, that would have been an interesting fun monday post indeed. Or were you talking about a good looking homeless person? Maybe your bum can feature another time…! He he.

    Dear steffi. Welcome. Wilkommenen (??). I have never learned German. But I have a German friend who grew up in east Berlin and learned Russki also. Russki is very hard. Have a nice day. Da Svidania.

    Dear robin. I had just been to your blog and read through when I saw your comment here. I will definitely make sure I go back and see the rest of the post. So yes it does make sense… See you(rs) later!

    Dear beccy. Well, despite the fleeting light in the apartment, which made it hard to take pics, I just did, and did the post. But now it’s 6:30pm and I haven’t started dinner. Uh oh. I will have to think of fun monday as fun sunday, so that i’m super prepared and post my fun monday nice and early. And so Mr Moi can get dinner on Monday nights. But I’m just learning….

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