Slip slidin’ away…

My first love was Simon & Garfunkel. To the extent that, when I walked down the aisle to get hitched, I did it to ‘The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)’.

My theme song for this week is ‘Slip Sliding Away’. This song plays in my head every time I’m outside, negotiating ground covered in black ice. With enough snow hanging around to melt during the day then freeze, it makes for some entertaining walking along the footpath.

On Sunday, I went to get milk from a shop about 300 metres away. The return journey took half an hour, as I was walking so gingerly over the ice. As I returned to my building, I was hip-hip-hooraying the expedition survival. Only to then slip on a patch of ice on my doorstep…

The other hazard of being out at this drippy time of year is melting ice/snow falling on you from above. Walking along a street yesterday, I heard a crack and a split second later, something hit my head and I was covered with ice.

It was more embarrassing than painful. The incident was witnessed by two fat Ukrainian men who insisted on pissing themselves laughing, coming right up to my face to do so. When I laughed ‘har har har’ back at them, they said in broken English, “Funny! Very funny!”

Imagine my fate had the ice been a pointy stalactite. At least I would have had something to extract and brandish at the pompous laughers.


7 thoughts on “Slip slidin’ away…

  1. Hey that must be Miss KK? How the heck are you? Staying on the ground or falling out of more aeroplanes? Poland is on the horizon, will keep you posted.

  2. Dear anon anon… I really like the Boxer also. But I do think it’s a little inappropriate for a wedding. Like ‘The Boxer’ – a violent omen for a marriage. And ‘Lie lie lie, lie lie lie lie lie lie lie’ – alas, another negative omen…

  3. hey, you and enid both. simon and garfunkel’s bridge over troubled water was the first grown up album enid bought, when she was 12. (it had been out for years and years before – she’s not 105.)

  4. What about Scarborough Fair for a Wedding song.

    Could take the mood down a bit however?

    Did you know that S&G played to a reported crowd of about 500 000 at Central Park many years ago.

    Would have been good to be at.

  5. but of course it is me (call me Miss KK if you want:-) i’am alright, just returned from NLP training so i am bit puzzled… will write to you when I recover:-)

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