Now I don’t have internet…

Our services are being turned off, one by one.

Yesterday when I logged on, I was directed to a site that told me I haven’t paid my internet bill (I had) and that they have closed down the service, except for my stats page. On this stats page, I am expected to create next month’s bill, print it, pay it, and then they might consider reinstating my service.

I was very sad (if sad means angry, stomping and throwing things about).

I tried to ring Voila, the provider, but their call centre evidently had a day off yesterday to celebrate the Muslim day of prayer. All I got were some pre-recorded messages, and then a dial-tone. Back on the computer, I took the recommended course of creating a bill online, but the system wouldn’t generate one for me as I’d apparently created two already today (I hadn’t).

So I did something that would shock even the people who know me well: I took a deep breath and put it all behind me for the rest of the day.

The absence of the internet can create some positive behaviours. Like forcing you out of the house. After my Russian lesson, I went to Volodymyrski market-rinok and discovered our friendly chinese grocer. Mr Moi was very happy with last night’s meal of stir fried beef, vegies and noodles in oyster sauce and sweet wine (however, he’s a little dubious about the three-kilo container of oyster sauce that’s now living the in fridge).

And I bought ten packets of instant chinese noodles, which we’re considering having for breakfast to clear the haziness of a couple of glasses of Crimean rocket-fuel with dinner.

As we bask in the morning minus 12 sun in our living room in our his-n-hers bonds tees, on this, a new day, I am currently blogger-ing from Mr Moi’s work dial-up, and Mr Moi is trying to create a bill for our internet. Hopefully we haven’t exceeded the day’s bill creation quota.


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