I fell off the (daily blogging) wagon

I was seeking some creative inspiration for the blog yesterday afternoon so when Mr_Moi suggested we head to the nearby Arena Bar for an aperitif, I agreed wholeheartedly.

Trudging through the snow, we arrived there at about 5:30pm, and we ordered a beer (500mL cloudy something-or-other that was brewed in the premises), and some sausages from the aptly named “Meals for Beer” menu.

After working non-stop all weekend, Mr_Moi was keen to have a couple of beers and go; in his words, “Early out and about, early home”. But so engaging was our general chit chat that it eventually led to another beer, which lead to us philosophising about how darn perfect we are, another beer, and strategising how we can make the world as perfect as us.

Five hours and five beers each later, we asked for the bill (in my by then perfectly fluent Russian, which they totally comprehended), went home via McDonald’s (the sausages weren’t enough), and, with some more philosophising about the ‘international language of fast food’, skated home on the snow like loud obnoxious foreigners.

The only thing we didn’t theorise a solution for was: what does ‘democratic pricing’ mean?


2 thoughts on “I fell off the (daily blogging) wagon

  1. Democratic pricing? mmm, strange concept, I only came across it in Ukraine. It probably means: “slightly-less-money-spent-much-less service-or-style-received” type of thing from my experience… But maybe then I have not come across a successful representative of this type just yet..

  2. I have the ‘Gourmet Guide Ukraine’. I plan to scour it and list out the restaurants that claim to have ‘democratic pricing’, visit them all and rate them on the democratic-price-o-meter. The criteria of which I plan to simply make up. We should split the list and compare notes at the end.

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