Fancy a Snog?

Before your very eyes, Nezalezhnosti-blog is turning into a Snog, or a snow-blog. With the snow finally really truly arriving, I’ve become quite mesmerised by it. It’s far more pleasant to be stuck in a land of white (and slush) than in a land of grumpy grey. Although not as conducive to tearing me away from the DVD player.

The snow has arrived with sufficient gloom, and here’s my documentation of Kyiv’s evolution into winter. I hope you enjoy my big juicy Snog…

This photo was taken sometime during the day, not the evening.

Here’s a photo of the snow falling. The snow-babushkas are back in force, sweeping the paths constantly from morning to night, despite the snow still falling. I guess it’s nice to feel needed.

My technical, scientific method for measuring how much snow fell on Sunday night was to take a ruler to the balcony rail. Snowfall: 2cms. Windspeed: nought (well… otherwise the snow would have blown away).

Happy snogging, readers.


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