Dear Augie March – is it over between us?

Happy Australia Day. You’ll have to excuse me if this is a lacklustre post, because I’ve written it three times and managed to delete it three times too.

Aussies observe a number of traditions on Australia Day:
1) Lots of icy cold beer
2) A couple of snags on the barbie
3) The Australia Day one-dayer from Adelaide Oval

and the left-wing hippy student minority observes the following tradition:
4) Listening to the Triple J Hottest 100 countdown.

Now, number 4) has always been a rather fringe exercise. Not only would my parents not tolerate the Hottest 100 being played in the house, but they banned us from using the car if we ever left the dial on Triple J.

(I still classify number 4) as one of my traditions, as I hang onto the last vestiges of my student days. And my twenties for that matter…)

So I was rather surprised when I rang my brother’s house, in hippy left-wing paradise, and heard my mother in the background not only tolerating, but listening to and enjoying the Triple J Hottest 100.

And when they annouced that Augie March’s ‘One Crowded Hour’ won the number one spot, my mother postively squealed with delight.

Augie March has long been one of my favourite bands. Their style can best be described as ‘avant-garde’ rock, and there’s very few cool people I’ve met who know the band, let alone my mother being a fan.

Later today, I logged onto and was shocked to see the band staring at me from the most prominent photo-spot on the page. I took a screen shot as I’m not entirely sure it’s not a mistake.

Since when have the Australian masses cared about who won the Triple J Hottest 100? Never mind the Murdoch Empire plastering the winning band on their flagship Aussie news site.

But the heftier question is: can I continue to love a band that my mother has acquired a taste for? Her taste and mine parted ways in 1990 (not before she could instil a love of Billy Joel in my young, impressionable mind). This time a year ago, she was singing the praises of James Blunt, so I’m struggling to determine whether her taste in music has improved, or if Augie March have just become mainstream crap.

I guess you can listen yourself and decide if the song is any good.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get any Aussie branded beer here, but we figured чернігівскье преміум was close enough (well, it tastes like beer). In order to keep our Australia Day beers cold, Mr_Moi and I have popped them on the balcony where they’re cooling down in a balmy minus six degrees.

Advance Australia Waltzing Matilda Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi Oi Oi. Happy Australia Day.


5 thoughts on “Dear Augie March – is it over between us?

  1. Joel says that “One Crowded Hour” is the most boring on the album. Not that it is bad, it is just not the best on a very brilliant album.
    If it is any consolation my mum and dad, whom I just read your blog outloud to, have no idea who Augie March is.

  2. You really do need to treat me with a little more respect Brookie. You know quite well that Scott got hold of my Ipod and introduced a number of new songs to it – like Josh Pyke, Augie and the guy who sings “We’ll grow old together”. And besides, everyone knows that Fifi Box’s (from Triple M) brother is in Augie March!!!!

  3. that is quite a nice song and a great top 100 as well.

    Being a teribble musicaholic I can’t resist to ask it: anything you can recommend from Australia or Ukraine?

    An Australian friend once sent me a cd which she called “wallabies” with on it only Ozzie bands. The song “the bold and the beautiful” by The Drugs still makes me laugh out loud every time i hear it. And “London Still”makes me extremely melancholic.

    Hmm maybe i should have a look where the hell that cd ever ended up.

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